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Alternative Medicine in USA
CureZone Health Directory
Capital City: Washington, DC
International Dial Code: (+1)
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Alexander Technique
Bach Flower Therapies
Colloidal Minerals
Colonic Irrigation
Color Therapies
Detoxification Therapies
Ear Candling
Energy Healing
Folk Medicine
Gerson Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Holistic and Integrated Medicine
Hulda Clark Method
Magnetic Therapy
Massage Therapy and Bodywork
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Non-Toxic Living
Nutritional Supplements
Opposing Views
Oriental Bodywork
Oxygen Therapies
Ozone Therapy
Rapid Eye Technology
Sound Therapies
Tibetan Medicine
Urine Therapy
Vision Therapy
Vitamin Therapies

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Original Hulda Clark Cleanses, Herbs & Zappers ... info
Parasites Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Bowel Cleanse, Zapper, Ornithine, Arginine, Epsom Salt Best prices on the web, fast delivery!   Address 2nd Ave 704   Lawrenceville 23868

Choraphor - The Herpes Solution ... info
Choraphor is the Guaranteed Breakthrough you need. ... info
Free plans for an efficient Hulda Clark style Zapper. Reputed to kill parasites in 7 minutes. "Home of the original $10.00 Zapper!"  

Detox Foot Pads ... info
Detox while you sleep with our bio detox foot pads from Healpas, as low as 80 cents each! Put them on your feet before bed, and in the morning you wil ... info
My battle with parasites, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Candida, allergies and more

Global Healing Center ... info
At Global Healing Center our #1 focus is your health. We provide high quality nutritional and natural alternative medicine products.  

Oxy-Powder ... info
Oxy-Powder is a top quality colon cleanser from Global Healing Center. It helps relieve constipation and clean out the full colon and intestinal tract.  

Dr. Robert Jackson. Acton, Massachusetts ... info
Phone: work phone  978-264-4151
My approach integrates preventative and alternative methods focused on: the elimination of pain and the avoidance of negative environmental influences.
Address 20 Cherokee Rd 0   Acton 01720

The Rapid Eye Technology Institute ... info
Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is an innovative and unique natural spiritual energy healing technology.   Address 581 Lancaster Dr SE 270   Salem 97301

The Soma Institute ... info
The Soma Institute is a Chicago massage school that offers Clinical Massage Therapy training. With massage training from Soma, you will be prepared to earn your massage therapy certification. ... info
The truth about health, Scriptures and the money system  

Aloe Immune Builders ... info
Phone:   407-352-0422 FAX:    407-352-0422
Physician-developed supplement used successfully 7 years to treat hepatitis C. Also can help multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and lupus.

current health news ... info
Al-hikmah health provides latest health news and articles on alternative health.  

Diseases & Conditions ... info
Check Latest Health Articles on Diseases and Health Conditions.  

Alternative health ... info
Al-hikmah Health Provides Latest alternative health articles.  

My inSHANE life to achieve good health ... info
I share my life experiences with guest from colon cleansing, liver cleansing, weight-loss and anything else I get involved with.  

Can you make money with Dish Network. ... info
The amount can range from $50 - $4000 per month and more! No start up cost and get free direct marketing materials. Oh and they pay weekly never heard of that before. It's fast, it's furious, it's  

Healing Clay - Bentonite, Illite, Montmorillonite ... info
Explore healing clays as used in natural medicine.  

Get Constipation Relief on Demand ... info
Phone: Call us toll free  877-760-9258
our 100% all Natural constipation product is just what the doctor ordered. Over 1,000,000 people can't be wrong an here is why...

Are You At Risk For Cancer? ... info
See how a simple test you can perform at home can determine your risk for cancer.  

Alternative Cancer Herbs - Treatment ... info
Cancer Aren't Deadly Anymore !!!  

Vibrant Healthy Living Now! ... info
Obtain optimal health by supplying the body with nutrients it needs to be energetic, lean, agile, and resilient at healing.  

Your Health Source from the Ocean! ... info
Reawaken your body's healing power with Mother Earth's milk...from the Ocean!

Alternative Medicine Practitioner Directory ... info
New York Directory of Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, and Holistic Health

The Miracle Vitamin ... info
Your complete daily vitamins and essential minerals in one easy to drink liquid with the healing power of mangosteen!  

Home Remedies ... info
Complete and updated information on Natural Home Remedies and Herbal Treatments  

affordable beck magnetic pulser ... info
This site tells how you can get an affordable no frills Beck Magnetic Pulser for only $49.95 + shipping Colonix ... info
Phone: From USA/Canada  800-877-0414 Phone: International  941-927-1907
This site is about colon cleansing, constipation, parasites, IBS, bloating as well as other topics listed to the right. If you’re interested in any of these issues, then you’ve come to the right place as is the #1 Online Colon Cleansin
Address Curtiss Ave 6981   Sarasota 34231

Discover remedies that you may have forgotten or may not have heard of before. ... info
Phone:   815-229-7400
"Health and Healing through Natural Ways"
Address 1921 S. Alpine Road Suite 101   Rockford 61108

Skin Cancer Cure from ... info
Learn how you can cure skin cancer, remove warts, moles, and skin tags! Safe, fast, effective, and inexpensive, all natural.  

Natural Cures With Common Foods ... info
Natural cures for health problems with common foods containing phytochemicals according to U.S. Dept of Agriculture database website.  

Help Make A Miracle Happen! ... info
Submit Your Cure Or Remedy Worldwide. . Help make that miracle happen!

Natural Health Technologies ... info
Phone:   253-564-9223
Digestive Health Center treating constipation, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease, diarrhea, digestion, with colonic, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage. Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, Auburn, Federal Way, and Lakewood WA.
Address 1215 Regents Blvd 0   Tacoma 98466 - online Health Marketplace ... info
Phone:   2063505519
Price comparison health marketplace for vitamins and supplements. Compare price, brands and store services before your buying at
Address 8721 Santa Monica Blvd 825   Los Angeles 90069

Alternative Cancer Medicine ... info
Typhonium Plus - Alternative Cancer Treatment As a food supplement may help to combat cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body.Typhonium Plus is a combination of selective herbs extract which in synergy strengthening works of Typhonium flagelliforme  

Alternative Health Supplements ... info
Ultra Herbal provides discount natural health and beauty products manufacturer direct to our customers.  

HiTek Ionic Wear ... info
Phone:   (949) 282-7350
Natural pain relief through negative ion generating clothing. Based on Japanese technology, wearing negative ion clothing daily can improve the physical and physiological state of the whole body, nurse one's health, battle aches, pains and various kinds

Alternative Cancer Cure ... info
Articles and reports on alternative cure to cancers.  

Promolife- Promoting a Healthier LifeStyle ... info
Phone: Toll Free  888-742-3404
Promolife- Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle. Detox Therapies, Ozone Therapy, Far Infrared Saunas, Detoxamin, and Much More!
Address 0   , PO box 385 Fayetteville AR 72702

Aloe Vera Studies Organization ... info
Truths and falsehood about aloe vera.  

iZAP - Dr Hulda Clark Zapper improved to be 10x more powerfull. ... info
Most powerfull dr Hulda Clark zapper with explanation on how zapper works, with pictures and videos.  

Colon Cleanse ... info
A blog about colon cleanse product and colon cleanse home remedy.  

Herb Locater ... info
Compare prices on the herbs, oils, and supplements you love!

Renewed Life Supplements ... info
Amazing Acai berry Supplement!Buy now for only $12.50 a bottle.1200 milligrams of pure acai berry valued at $34.99  

Body Detox ... info
Information and Tips On Body Detox

AZJungle's Health Store For People and Pets ... info
Natural Health products for people and pets

Lakeshore Wellness Center..Dr. Susan J. Wojcik, ND, LAc ... info
Phone:   312.515.7102
Come in and experience Chicago's Finest in Holistic Naturopathic Wellness and Acupuncture! Lakeshore Wellness Center integrates standard diagnostic methods together with techniques of alternative medicine to help support the body's natural healing systems   Address 945 W. George Street Suite 206   Chicago 60657

San Francisco Bath Salt Company ... info
San Francisco Bath Salt Company provides an extensive selection of luxury bath salts and dead sea salts for retail and wholesale customers.  

Wholesale Dead Sea Salts & Bulk Dead Sea Bath Salts ... info
Information for Wholesale Dead Sea Salts and Bulk Dead Sea Bath Salts  

Bulk Bath Salts - Home ... info
bulk bath salts and dead sea salts for taking a luxury bath  

Miracle Mineral Supplement ... info
Phone: Customer Service  888-522-1110
Jim Humbles original Miracle Mineral Formula. We have convenience packs, MMS, and citric acid.
Address 0   , PO box PO Box 3374 Cottonwood AZ 86326

Doctor Greens - World Class Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Vitamins & Greens ... info
Doctor Greens is passionately devoted to developing the best World Class Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Vitamins & Greens
Address 371A Islington Street 0   Portsmouth 03801

Secret Changes ... info
Providing tools for personal growth for beginning a path to self-improvement and overcome limiting beliefs. The Healthy Alternative ... info
The best fibromyalgia site for alternative fibromyalgia treatments.

Herbal products and remedies ... info online supply of Herbal supplements for health, Herbal Products, natural health products, skin & beauty products, herbal oils, herbal teas, essential oils, herbs, medical tourism, cosmetic surgery ... info is an informational site dedicated to educating individuals with Celiac Disease about their condition and it's cure.  

Fermented Super Food Vitality Complex ... info
Phone: VMIXX sales  254-690-4693
Live Smarter and Stronger-Living nutrition for a Living body. Brings about: Energy, Alertness, Wellness, Weight loss, death of Pathogens.

Natural constipation relief and Herbal Fiberblend ... info
Guide to natural constipation relief, natural colon cleansing and Herbal Fiberblend from AIM International  

Bioenergy Healing ... info
Welcome to Flow Of Life. We are proud to introduce this powerful healing method to the Emerald Coast community.  

Jaya Love Healing Services ... info
Cleansing Support, Lifefood Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Healing Products, Personal Retreats near Grass Valley, CA

The Health Wyze Report ... info
Phone:   336-776-8853
Providing regular health information and news to help readers take control of their own health.  

Non-occult Holistic Healer in Plymouth, Michigan ... info
Board certified naturopath, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner & spiritual counselor. Body Mind & Spirit Healing  

Himalayan Salt lamps ... info
All the products of Himalayan salt lamps are available here at cheap prices.  

Healthy Folks, a website dedicated to healthy living and wellness. ... info
Healthy Folks offers numerous products that promote healthy living and wellness, from massagers to supplements.  

Alternative medicines system Information ... info
Alternative medicine is a set of diverse traditional medicinal health care systems and practices that are not generally considered as part of conventional or modern medicine.  

Alternative Treatments | Alternative healing | Alternative therapy ... info
Some simple alternative treatments are Natural herbal medicines, Homeopathic medicine or remedies, Yoga poses, Acupressure and Reflexology holistic massage.  

Alternative health benefits ... info
Now-a-day alternative medicine is gaining popularity because of its effective healing without any side effect and comparatively cheaper.  

Alternative Holistic medicines ... info
Alternative or holistic medicine includes many systems of healing and every system has its own merits, there are some features which differentiate these from modern medicine.  

Alternative | Traditional | Holistic | Natural | Complementary | Integrative medicines ... info
Alternative medicine is commonly called with different terms they are Traditional medicine, Holistic medicine, Natural medicine and Complementary medicine.  

Cellgevity ... info
What is cellgevity  

Transfer Factors, nature's immune system regulators ... info
Information about transfer factor products, buy transfer factor at distributor prices and watch video testimonials. Improve each one of your systems with targeted natural products: digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive, also body cleansing systems, weig  

SilverX is your First Line Of Defense ... info
SilverX has over 90 uses & treats over 300 conditions. US Patented, EPA & FDA approved.  

SilverX is FDA approved & has over 90 uses & treats over 300 conditions..WOW ... info
SilverX Safe for all ages, both genders & pregnant women too. Destroys the sources of disease (bacteria, viruses, mold, and yeast  

SilverX is FDA approved & has over 90 uses & treats over 300 conditions..WOW ... info
SilverX Safe for all ages, both genders & pregnant women too. Destroys the sources of disease (bacteria, viruses, mold, and yeast  

SilverXWorldWide Alternative Antibiotic ... info
To date, there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that...[this] product has not killed  

SilverXWorldWide Alternative Antibiotic ... info
To date, there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that...[this] product has not killed  

Natural alternative medicine treatment forum by Healthy-ojas ... info
Welcome all to register & participate in a threaded discussion by creating new topic or replying to the existing topic on natural alternative medicine treatments. ... info  

Colloidal World. ... info
Learn more about health benefits of Colloidal Trace Minerals.  

Nutritionist, Herbalist & Author Christine Dreher ... info
Phone: Information  858-673-0224 Phone: Toll Free Orders  877-673-0224
Christine specializes in Internal Cleanse programs, Whole Food Vitamin Supplements, Herbs & Free, Health & Nutrition Newsletter.   Address P.O. Box 28895 0   San Diego 92198

The Most Prevalent Antioxidant ... info
The Most Important!

One Week Free Distant Energy Healing ... info
Try One Week of Free Distant Energy Healing its Harmless, Non-Invasive, May Help and its Free. For More Information Please see

Miracle Mineral MMS 4 Sale ... info
We provide kits for you to PRODUCE MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution.

Holistic Health Directory ... info
Medical Directory  

4Life Transfer Factor Products ... info
Welcome to the 'One Stop Shop' for all of the amazing line of 4Life Transfer Factor Products. Take advantage of the best prices on all 4Life Products on the web...guaranteed!

Nail Fungus Treatment Review ... info
Advice and Tips on eradicating Nail Fungus

Homeopathic Treatment ... info
Homeopathic Treatment by Dr. Anil Prashant  

Discover Classic Remedies ... info
Natural and classic remedies from the ancients blend with modern science. Discover the science and history behind natural remedies you can use today!  

High Quality Alternative Nutritional Supplements ... info
Phone:   866-873-1545
Mom*E*Mineral carries over 10,000 of the highest grade Alternative Nutritional Products at We ship to USA! ... info
RBTI by Dr Carey Reams is an alternative, but scientific way to test on which path to follow to get back on the road towards health.

Nail Fungus Cures That Work ... info
To cure nail fungus fast naturally you must go to this site.  

Natural Remedies Nurse ... info
High quality information on homeopathy, herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle for specific illnesses written by a Qualified Health Professional

Natural Remedies Nurse ... info
High quality information on homeopathy, herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle for specific illnesses written by a Qualified Health Professional

Lo último en tecnología de Biofrecuencias basada en la investigación de Royal Raymond Rife. ... info
Lo último en tecnología de Biofrecuencias, basada en la investigación de Royal Raymond Rife para el tratamiento de dolor y complementación de tratamientos de más de 500 enfermedades, entre ellas: Cáncer, Diabetes, VIH, Esclerosis, Dolor general, Fatiga Cr  

doTERRA International ... info
Essential oil company that is 100 % Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

doTERRA International ... info
Essential oil company that is 100 % Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Medical Spa Treatments in Europe, Natural Treatments, Natural Cure ... info
Natural cure in medical spa with mineral water for arthritis, back pain, joins pain, heart problems, depression  

Health and Fruits ... info
We provide health tips and news about fruits.  

Kidney Failure and A Quest for A Cure ... info
Journey with me through dialysis  

Chronic pain and injuries? Move Better Now - Pilates & Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais Studio ... info
Safe and effective exercise programs for anyone with chronic injuries and/or pain. Pilates and Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais.  

Blue Heron Natural Health News ... info
Learn to heal yourself without suffering the side effects of medications.  

Natural Health ... info
We want our customers to know that they can trust us when it comes to choosing the right health product.  

Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl ... info
Medical Intuitive Telephone Energy Field Scans and Guided Telephone Healing Sessions remove energy blocks that underlie illness and disease. GET HEALTHY and GET HAPPY.  

Think Essential Oils - 100% Natural Healthcare ... info
Natural Healthcare with Essential Oils - 100% pure essential oils - Think

Ganoderma Lucidum ... info
Ganoderma is considered the number one Anti Aging herb in the world. Of the hundreds of healthy nutrients, Ganoderma has many antioxidants and other nutrients that can support the body in reversing and slowing down the aging process. The effects of the Ga

Rife Digital Machines ... info
Powerful portable electro-therapy devices for home use, treating over 3500+ acute, chronic or serious disease conditions

Rife Digital Machines ... info
Powerful portable electro-therapy devices for home use, treating over 3500+ acute, chronic or serious disease conditions

Rife Digital Machines ... info
Powerful portable electro-therapy devices for home use, treating over 3500+ acute, chronic or serious disease conditions

Rife Digital Machines ... info
Powerful portable electro-therapy devices for home use, treating over 3500+ acute, chronic or serious disease conditions

Rife Digital Machines ... info
Powerful portable electro-therapy devices for home use, treating over 3500+ acute, chronic or serious disease conditions

Snorenomore ... info
Stop snoring with the anti-snoring ring from snorenomore. The most natural, non-invasive way to stop snoring through acupressure.

PAV, SUPER PAV, PAB, COOL PAV, tree resin based salves that assist in naturally healing wounds and skin conditions! ... info
Phone: EST HEALTH Business phone  7078340711
These Tree Resin based salves are simply amazing! As someone once said, "Nature provides a rememdy for most any ailment that we have ever faced. These tree resin formulas help heal most skin conditions and external wounds!"
Address 0   , PO box PO Box 6220 Eureka, CA 95502

Make Your own Colloidal Silver ... info
Colloidal Silver Generators starting at $55.95  

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver ... info
Colloidal Silver Generators Starting at $55.95  

Natural Alternative Remedy ... info
Phone:   801203-0502
Learn about natural remedies, home remedies, and how herbs benefits you.  

Home Remedies ... info
A place to learn about home remedies and cures that work. Share experiences and new remedies.  

No Name ... info
Phone:   (505)316-2315
world's best health product good for anything involving cells.   MANIFESTINGMAMA.JOAN@GMAIL.COM

Cold Virus Lady ... info
Home remedies, tips and tricks for battling the common cold virus!  

Atlantis Salud Spa ... info
Alternative Cancer Therapies with Gurson, eat to blood type diet and Cesium High PH, Laetrile, Ozone and Hemp therapy  

Debug Your Health ... info
Debugging health issues that the medical community has failed to solve, by an MIT PhD. Autism, Lyme, Parasites, and more.  

The Thundervolt Zappeer ... info
A 10 function, 250,000 frequency zapper with a Body Tester

Missouri Institute of Regenerative Health ... info
Phone:   636-244-5890
At Missouri Institute of Regenerative Health in the St. Louis, MO area, we offer premiere regenerative medicine.   Address Executive Centre Pkwy, Suite 300 4601   St Peters, MO 63376

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Melbourne ... info
Phone:   321-265-3154
If you reside in the Melbourne, Florida area, you have the opportunity to meet with a compassionate and supportive WhiteSands Treatment Melbourne specialist who can help answer your questions and concerns, as well as provide guidance, when seeking help.   Address Prospect Ave, Suite 291 1220   Melbourne, FL 32901

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Tampa ... info
Phone:   813-213-0442
If you reside in the Tampa, Florida area, you have the opportunity to meet with a compassionate and supportive WhiteSands Treatment Tampa specialist.   Address W Verne Street, Suite A 215   Tampa, FL 33606

Buy Vyvanse Online ... info
Buy vyvanse online. Buy vyvanse medication from the most reliable pharmacy at very affordable prices. We ship to all states within the Usa and worldwide.  

Heal Navigator ... info
Heal Navigator was co-created by patients for patients with the purpose of helping you find alternative health solutions when you are left with none. We do that by sourcing unbiased reviews and pieces of “crowd wisdom,” and verifying the information provi  

Alternative Cancer Clinics and Treatments ... info
Heal Navigator is the largest online platform of alternative cancer clinics and treatments. Find information about Alternative and Holistic Cancer Treatments  


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