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Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - MRS 2000
Phone: Business cell  330-8561
Magnetic Resonance Stimulation simulates the low level magnetic frequencies that we should get from the earth which is necessary as a basic support to all life on the planet. In eight minutes, your body reacts as if you had walked 25 kms on the earth thro
Address John Duncan Drive 0   Winnipeg,   Manitoba

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is a technology that has been researched for at least 25 years. Due to the rigours of travel into space, scientists realized we cannot live without the magnetic field of the earth, or we literally start to decay and breakdown within minutes to hours without it. For those of us on earth, scientists have determined that many of us have what has been called “Magnetic Energy Deficiency Syndrome” which is also serious. We don’t get enough of the natural pulsed magnetic fields of the earth we don’t walk enough on the earth anymore, and our concrete and metal structures block the magnetic field of the earth from reaching us. It is like sitting inside all day and never getting sunshine or enough fresh air. Eventually this can take a serious toll on our body and mind.

There are many objective parameters that can be measured after the eight minute period, including: oxygen levels , ph, inflammation, calcium ion activity, hormone levels like serotonin ( anti depressive , improved sleep) and more. Essentially, the equipment starts to bring the body back to the level it should be operating at normally. When we were younger we walked, rode our bikes and moved around far more out in nature. We are now bombarded by EMF’s which are dangerous electromagnetic fields which break down our functioning of our cells and immune systems. When we get the proper magnetic currents many systems in the body reset and function at a much higher level.

We are seeing many wonderful responses for many people with many problems of all sorts. It is great for everything and everyone to be honest, including animals such as dogs, horses and cats. It is most powerful and effective health device or product I have seen in 25 years and it is easy to use at home. You use it two to three times per day depending on your flexibility. Most people use it in the morning and evening. There are two additional devices you can use for local pain like back, shoulder or neck pain and other specific problem sites. It literally helps everyone. I tell people it works like radar. You don’t necessarily feel a great deal right away unless you have a problem because those are the areas that need the blood supply, nutrients, energy and oxygen the most. Once you have it for 3 weeks to 3 months you never want to be without it. This is truly one of the most advanced forms of energy medicine on the planet with unlimited marketing potential and flexibility for helping others to become well. We are very recently operating in Canada, but we are growing fast with many referrals.

See website for more information. Much more information available on request.

Yours truly,

John Normandin ( 22 years experience as a professional health care provider )
Meditech Health Technician
Winnipeg, Canada


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