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bad breath test, Tests for bad breath, bad breath tests
Bad breath tests, causes and cures.  

How do I know if I have bad breath?

Like just about everyone else you cup your hands around your mouth and nose, breath out, and then smell this "test breath". Unfortunately this method of testing your breath just canít work. You could smell a mint youíve just eaten but thatís about all. So it's quite possible you do have bad breath and not even know it.

The reason for this frustrating occurrence of not smelling almost any of your own smells or how bad the smell is, is due to our olfactory system (our nose) ignoring our own smells so it can focus on the smells around us. This is probably a good thing as many people may not like the smell of themselves:) Morning Bad Breath indicates you can develop permanent bad breath (halitosis) So use the following information to prevent morning breath which in turn will stop you getting permanent bad breath

If you truly want to stop your bad breath you'll need to make the effort and learn from this page and the next. Some people take 20 years to make this effort & by then all their friends and family will have abandoned them. Are you going to do that?

Hi I'm Dr James Wright I have published this site to answer most (hopefully all) of the questions I commonly get asked so I hope it helps you. I've left links to Oraltech Labs and other sites I trust because my patients report being successfully treated of bad breath after following the labs advice. The sites will also help those of you who would like more information. This page we will deal with testing and cause, next page we well deal with treatment, cure & prevention. Ok Lets get started on the road to excellent Oral Health!

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by a bacterial imbalance in our mouth, sinuses and throat. Curiously these bacteria donít harm you physically at all but the smell they give off will make you a social outcast.

So To Help You Here Are The 12 Best Breath Self Test.

1 Due to the fact saliva holds the smells of bad breath bacteria try this regularly, lick the back of your wrist, let it dry for 2 minutes, and then sniff the area after a few moments. If you notice a bad smell, you can times it by 10 and thatís what you smell like to others.

2 Another method that's worked as a useful bad breath test: Use a teaspoon or better still a tongue scraper. Scrape the very back your tongue wait 2 minutes then smell the spoon, if it smells bad you have bad breath.

3 When you floss your teeth do you notice a bad smell? If so you have bad breath. If you donít use floss buy a big roll and use it twice daily. Floss the teeth you want to keep.

4 The best but very awkward way is to just ask someone you feel close to. This should be a person you trust and who cares about you. Asking children is very effective as they feel no taboos about it.

5 When you talk to anyone do they rub their noses, do they back away from you, do they cough, do they offer you mints, do they sneeze? Two or more of these signals can be interpreted to show you have bad breath. This is a very good test as its easy to see people reacting to you.

6 A good test dentist use is to take a towel and rub it on the very back of your tongue then wait a moment and smell it, if it smells you have bad breath.

7 Ongoing dry mouth is a serious condition. Its a sure bet that if you have dry mouth you'll have bad breath.

8 Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible. If you notice that the very back of your tongue is whitish, itís a sign that you have bad mouth odour.

9 Inadequate oral hygiene is an open invitation to halitosis.

10 Food that help bad breath are dairy especially cheese, all meats especially red meat. If you eat these foods it often equals bad breath.

11 Post Nasal Drip feeds bad breath bacteria. Most people donít even know they have it. PND and bad breath go hand in hand. More on this next page.

12 GERD, heart burn, indigestion and burping all cause bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a problem which affects everyone at some stage in their lives. The American Dental Association estimates 1 in 4 people suffer from bad breath. As we age we produce less saliva and are more likely to be using medications that dry the mouth, these two conditions will result in bad breath.

1. Oral bacteria cause 90% of bad breath. We have more than six hundred billion germs in our mouths at any given occasion.

2. Eating habits is another everyday source of halitosis. What we eat will be able to set off a number of awfully discomforting symptoms. Particular examples are garlic and onions. They present a great zest to foods except they can prove to smell absolutely awful to others.

3. Heart burn or GERD is an additional origin of the difficulty. This allows content from your stomach to go into your oesophagus causing a painful burning sensation along with extremely awful breath.

4. A tooth cavity will be able to set off halitosis. If you experience a cavity or require a root canal for the reason that the tissue in your tooth is infected then you will exhale a strong smell.

5. Medications can often cause bad breath. Be very careful with medications as they can dry your mouth and give you chronic bad breath from day one.

6. The Sinus system is the producer of Post Nasal Drip which feeds bad breath bacteria. Most people don't know they have PND.

There are between 600 and 650 billion bacteria in our mouth, sinuses and throat Following a regular high-quality oral cleaning method we can reduce them to about 20 billion. They multiply fast and will be back to their excessive quantity by your next brushing. When bad breath bacteria form the bulk of bacteria load your breath will smell bad even after flossing, brushing and using mouth wash. This most annoying outcome is due to bad breath bacteria living in unreachable places like in between your taste buds.

Practice smart eating habits if you plan to make love with your spouse have the garlic afterwards. If you are attending a meeting after lunch skip the onion.

Bad Breath Left Unchecked Will Ruin Your Social Life

Bad breath will destroy your social life. Friends don't want to be close to you.

It is extremely hard on a single person who wants to get married.

Bad breath is very hard on relationships. Marriages have split up over foul breath.

Halitosis has ended scores of careers. Just think about this, do you think it would be pleasant to work next to someone with foul breath? Of course not -- and no one else does, either.

Remember temporary or periotic bad breath is only a step away from persistent bad breath. Try to get on top of it now. Once your breath becomes persistent you will need to Strictly follow the next page and the cure advice to get back on the right track to good oral health.

I'll repeat the important thing to remember is as we age we produce less saliva young people will produce about a liter of saliva per 24 hours which normally keeps bad breath in check. But older people will produce about half a liter in 24 hours and are more likely to use medications as we age while at the same time exercising less, this makes for a high chance of bad breath. Most medications dry the mouth making a perfect environment for bad breath bacteria to take over. Also deficiency in vitamin D which we receive through our skin from the sun will help bad breath bacteria. Get a little sun every day or take vitamin D tablets. Please try a 1 hour walk everyday as its very good for you.

When Bad Bacteria Dominate Your Mouth it Causes Bad Breath to Occur.

If you fail more than 3 tests above you will have unpleasant to outright disgusting breath. If these bad breath tests reveal that you do have something more than "morning breath" do something quick about it. This site is for people to get an idea of there breath being periodic bad breath or persistent bad breath.


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