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natural skin care from the amazon rainforest
All natural pure botanical skin care from the Amazon Rainforest.  

Lluvia Skin Care

Unless you've been living on a deserted island for the last couple of years, you're probably well aware that virtually all name-brand skin care and cosmetic products contain cancer-causing chemicals. The use of petrochemicals, solvents and dangerous carcinogens is widespread in the skin care products industry, and consumers are increasingly learning just how dangerous these products can be for your health. (Your skin is your body's largest organ, after all, and it absorbs all those cancer-causing chemicals!)

For example, a recent study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group showed that many cosmetic products -- including more than half of all baby soaps -- contained a carcinogenic chemical. Internal studies in the cosmetics industry show that many of their products are contaminated with a carcinogenic impurity called 1,4-dioxane, and the EWG's independent study showed that 1,4-dioxane is fairly widespread among cosmetic products.

The Amazon Herb Company manufactures a line of phenomenal skin care products based on rainforest herbs. The entire line completely avoids the use of dangerous chemicals, instead relying on the rejuvenating properties of various rainforest herbs and superfruits (like camu camu) to heal and nourish the skin. This means instead of putting toxic chemicals on your skin, you'll be putting healing, rejuvenating rainforest herbs on your skin. The difference in the long-term health of your skin is simply amazing! Your skin will love you for nourishing it instead of poisoning it, and your liver will thank you for avoiding the toxic chemical burden.

The Lluvia product line includes everything you would expect from a skin care line: Facial cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, deep nourishing oil and a camu camu serum that's simply amazing.

The "Camu C Serum" product contains camu camu superfruit berries that are extremely high in natural, full-spectrum vitamin C (as well as many other phytonutrients). It's a highly effective skin treatment that literally helps your skin heal from the inside out through what I call "topical nutrition." It diminishes wrinkles, improves skin tone and even protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. This is my favorite product from the Lluvia line. Previously, I never used skin care products, but I've grown to love this Camu C Serum product, and I get compliments on the radiance of my skin on a regular basis. This is especially interesting given that I spend lots of time in the desert sun, and I never use sunscreen!

You can see the ingredients used in Lluvia products at the Amazon Herb website. They include things like mineral ash, marine algae, brazil nut oil, passion flower seed oil and even the samambia herb, which is a truly miraculous skin repair herb that would be the miracle dermatology drug of the century if some drug company had invented it.

Are the Lluvia products expensive? Yes and no. They're more expensive than the cheap, chemical-filled junk you might buy at retail stores, and yet at the same time they're less expensive than the high-priced, heavily advertised brand-name cosmetic crap you'll find at department stores. Regardless of the cost, there's nothing that compares to the ingredients used in the Lluvia product line. These are pristine rainforest herbs, blended without using chemical solvents or toxic ingredients, ready to nourish your skin.

Even people who have sensitivities to typical skin care products can safely use these Lluvia products. I knew one girl who would normally experience severe rashes after using any brand-name cosmetic products, but after trying to Lluvia line, she was astonished to find no negative reactions whatsoever. In fact, she told me the products felt nourishing to her skin in a way she had never experienced before!

There's no question the Lluvia products are in a class all their own. There's simply nothing available in retail that matches the quality botanicals (and lack of chemicals) used in this product line. If you care about your skin -- and you'd like to avoid cancer-causing chemicals -- the Lluvia line should be the very first thing you investigate.


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