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Energy Healing in USA
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use zero point technology,reminds the cells to go back to source   AMEGAPAUL@GMAIL.COM

This is NEW technology, nothing like it on the planet !!
Helps your body to go to
which helps your body to heal itself.


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The Amega products do not heal.

They help your body to go to SOURCE / ZERO POINT ENERGY to heal itself.

Hips Out Of Alignment

Yesterday I had a client, 74 years of age, visit my practice. His right hip was literally 4" higher then his left hip and he was in excruciating pain. I asked him how long he had been in this condition and he told me that it had been for many years and that he had just learned to live with the pain.

There is a "median nerve" that goes up and down both sides of the spine and connects with the sciatic nerve, which goes across the tail bone from hip to hip, then down the outsides sides of both legs. With the wand, I started creating clockwise circles at the base of the spine, went all the way up the left side of the spine to the neck, then back down the right side of the spine to the tailbone. At the tailbone I slowly went back and forth across one hip to the other. From the hip bone, down the right outside side of the leg, to the knee, back up again, across the tail bone and down the outside of the left hip to the knee and back up again and back across to the tail bone. This entire process took less than five minutes his hips went back into alignment and pain was totally gone. Needless to say he was very happy with the results!

Thank you Amega! The AMWand is a Godsend for many people who are suffering needlessly with chronic pains.

Doc Russ

Here are 2 brief Videos with Nanna, who is 92 years young who had a sore shoulder and leg...

Check out what happens within 5 minutes with the AMWand taking the body to SOURCE...
HOMEOSTASIS - PERFECT BALANCE...and what the body can do once in SOURCE!!!

Nana-pt 1--

Nana-pt 2--

Absolutely miraculous!! THANKS PAUL


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