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New Paradigms in Diabetic Care
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Learn what your doctor is not telling you about the causes, and how to prevent and reverse diabetes. Pertinent to type one and type two diabetics.

Diabetes is not the hopeless disease that most doctors would have us believe it is though it is a long losing battle if you walk the trail western medicine wants you to walk. Like all the chronic diseases facing humanity today the allopathic medical establishment does not want you or your doctor to become conscious of the real causes of diabetes and it certainly does not want you to receive treatments that will reverse or prevent diabetes from destroying your life.

Like all chronic diseases there are a multitude of etiologies, many causes that combine to destroy healthy cell physiology. Diabetes though is one of the most complex of diseases affecting the physiology of all tissues and systems simultaneously. When our basic metabolism fails or becomes seriously compromised all of our cells begin a long epic struggle in their desire to continue to exist. But it’s a rigged game, a losing battle, a medical Armageddon of vicious proportion, for the diabetic drugs, including insulin, will make life much more difficult than it has to be. For example, if you follow the mainstream medical course of treatment you can expect that there will be a high probability that you will be among the 80,000-84,000 patients in the United States that has a lower-limb amputation performed due to complications from diabetes.

This book breaks through the veil of ignorance and takes the doctor and diabetic patient on a journey through all the lies and the deliberate deception fostered by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical officials they keep in their pockets. Here we will discover the best medicines (natural of course) for avoiding diabetes or treating it if we or a loved one has fallen into debilitating metabolic syndrome. We will uncover keys like inflammation and mercury poisoning as well as fungal infections that combine to destroy our metabolic functions. We will examine calcification issues, raw food diets, vitamin D and magnesium deficiencies and the use of  magnesium chloride (transdermally and orally administered), sodium bicarbonate, sodium thiosulfate, alpha Lipoic Acid and many other things that will mean a world of difference to the crumbling metabolic function of a great part of the human race.


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