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Unleash Health - Blood Electrification & Beck Protocol Information, Technology and Resources.
Information, technology & resources following the Beck Protocol modalities. Low cost and effective blood electrification units available.

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Unleash Health Mission
The purpose and goal of the Unleash Health website is to create a more comprehensive access to the benefits and use of the blood electrification and colloidal silver supplementation as methods of effective health regenerating modalities, both of which are key components of what is known as the Bob Beck Protocol. I firmly believe that everyone who is interested in alternative health options should be informed to the knowledge and power of what they can do for themselves and others with even a part of or the protocol as a whole.

I have decided to create this site for these therapy modalities to be as completely spelled out and available as possible in terms of information, application, and resources. Whatever I may be able to point out and notify to you of significance to about these healing technologies will be updated and added as time moves on. I take it as my personal mission to get this site and its contents out to anyone who needs to know about these choices that they have to improve and regenerate themselves, their health, and their person.

I have had alot of interaction and participation in the areas of Dr. Becks' protocol and know that they are extremely reliable and effective in handling what seems to be an ever growing level of ailments that I and those close to me have had the unfortunate effect of enduring.

Part of that problem has been caused by misinformation, improper influence, and lack of knowledge. I would like to put an end to the accepted mindsets and limitatons that allow this to happen. I am completley intrigued by this technology, specifically blood electrification and am taking a direct, head-on research approach on the subject.

I've also had my hand in building the blood electrification units themselves from scratch before deciding to have them available for others' use, because I believe that this type of device must be able to be relied upon in every circumstance to be technically intact and optimally functional, a 'first-aid kit' item.

I know that this technology has the ability to solve a number of health related problems and should become the norm of practical health care.

This site is an ever-growing project and I would like to present you the resources and guidance to help yourself and others to overcome any obstacles in your path(s) to complete health, wellness, strength and balance within your lives.

Please feel free to send me an email or contact me with your questions, comments or suggestions via the contact page.

Unleash Health Founder/Webmaster/Researcher

My Personal Experience
As for my personal story with the Beck Protocol, I came upon it looking for a solution to my wifes health issues, in which began suffering from a case of gastritis and a number of digestive issues. I found the schematics online and learned how to make the blood electrification devices by hand and made my first unit for her. She began using the device and it hadn't seemed to affect the gastritis problem directly but she received a more complete health improvement in terms of her energy levels and ability to deal with her problems. I also managed to construct a magnetic pulse generator and learned how to properly generate colloidal silver. The both of which, including the purchase of an ozone generator, did help her issue gradually, as she was able to internally target and effect the situation.

Reading others' experiences and understanding how blood electrification worked, I began using device myself as I suffered from a relatively drastic case of chronic fatigue syndrome. I viewed a number of Dr. Becks videos as well as testimonials from many others (including doctors and practitioners) in the videos and on the web and expected this to greatly help my situation, and it did to a very great extent. I was very happy about this and knew that this really worked through the experience of my own example, no doubt about it.

At times I felt so internally exhausted and sluggish that I could not even get myself up from laying down after awaking from what should have been a well-resting sleep. Sometimes the experience was so extreme to the point that it felt as if my body had taken on a form of paralysis within itself. It was a very uncomfortable and scary experience and I'm very greatful for this technology to have been exposed and available, I am really not sure what I would do otherwise. After learning more about natural therapies in general I do know now that I would probably have to fall back onto a mainly raw-food diet which I partake in slightly, my wife is a complete raw foodist herself as well.

After realizing the power of the Beck protocol I figured that at least the facet of blood electrification needed to be improved upon in terms of cost and acessibility for others to be able to gain a real tool in solving their chronic health issues that were either completely out of control or only being well-managed with supplements, drugs or other therapies that didn't get right to the point of the issue. Knowing that each of the protocol parts are targeted to improve the immune system as well as eliminate any microbial disturbances is what makes it effective as a complete protocol.

We also discovered an incredible effect during our regular bicycle rides while donning the blood electrifier, it managed to incredibly increse our endurance and ability to handle the elements of riding in a cold and windy climate. When we first started our excercise routine we were more on the side of forcing ourselves to continue cycling as far as we could for the benefit, but the unit made the activity almost completely effortless! If there is one reason to have a unit its simply for that reason. Being able to push yourself with the energy increase provided by the application is an almost surreal in effect.

Below are a few images of the handmade devices I was constructing, the current model is very similar but does not have the ability to generate colloidal silver as the previous one did.

Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier
Handmade Blood Electrifier

I'm not sure if I can push any more on how effective this device is, and I really believe that it should be a staple item in anyones 'first-aid kit' in the very least. It is too important to be able to have as an immediate of a solution to biological health issues in this world today. I definately support the investment in a device, it only takes one to help a number of people, it works well for the family life as well. It can be used on children safely and effectively, as well as animals if there is a need. Protecting your own and those close to you from degenerative health problems is probably the single best thing anyone could do, if you are limited already by your own body, how can you perform at your best? What about if you could not only assist it, but boost it? I think the inherent difference in ones quality of life these options pose is a staggeringly significant difference!

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