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Candida Help, Heavy Metal Removal
Phone: Toll Free  800-800-9119
Fast, safe and effective mercury, lead and other heavy metal and toxin removal with PCA-Rx Oral Clathration chelation alternative.  

Human beings were born to be healthy. We have built-in immune systems, meant to protect us from illness and disease. So why are there sick people everywhere we look? We believe that detoxification and the elimination of environmental toxins is a crucial step towards better health. Through over twenty years of research, our products have been developed to help detoxify the body, provide immune system support and enhance life.


PCA-Rx 1oz (30ml)

Removes heavy metals, toxins, mycoplasmas and cardio and cerebral vascular plaque. Lowers elevated enzyme counts. Helps with environmental illnesses. Less invasive form of chelation.

Comparison Tables

Based? 1
Cleansing? 2
DMPS Chelation IV or Oral Yes No No
DMSA Chelation Oral (capsules) Yes No Yes
EDTA Chelation IV or Oral No No Yes
Chelation Oral (dropper) No No No
PCA-Rx Clathration Oral (spray) No Yes No

1 Indicates if the product is sulfur-based and anti-microbial.
2 Indicates whether or not the product is able to selectively distinguish, target and remove specific heavy metals and other contaminants, as opposed to just indiscriminately removing metals and minerals that could be beneficial to the body as well as harmful.

Crosses Blood
Brain Barrier
DMPS No No $125-$150 per IV treatment
Possible Side Effects: Decreased urination, cardiovascular reactions (dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations, etc.) gastrointestinal discomfort (bloating, diarrhea, nausea, rotten egg-like emissions, etc.), mercury poisoning symptoms, pancreatic inflammation, shivering, sulfur allergy complications, zinc loss, etc.
DMSA No Yes $80-$95 per 90-count bottle of 100-mg capsules
Possible Side Effects: Abdominal pain, anorexia, appetite loss, arrhythmia, ataxia, central nervous system damage (in some children), decreased urination, diarrhea, diminished kidney function, dizziness, headache, nausea, rash, seizures, sulfur allergy complications, zinc loss, etc.
EDTA No Yes $90-$120 per IV treatment; $20-$50 per bottle of oral capsules
Possible Side Effects: Arrhythmia, burning or vein inflammation at infusion site, calcium loss, dermatitis, extreme fatigue, headache, hypoglycemia, hypotension, kidney toxicity, potassium loss, etc.
No Yes $127/$150 per 0.5-oz. bottle
Possible Side Effects: Binding to/inactivation of certain Western medications in the body, mild healing crisis symptoms (from redistribution of toxins in the body, etc.) due to excessive intake, flu-like symptoms
PCA-Rx Yes Yes $125 per 30 ml bottle
Possible Side Effects: Slight fatigue when first given, mild constipation, headache

3 Indicates whether or not the product is made up of living organisms, as opposed to being composed of drugs, chemicals or dead food products that are in essence additional toxins put into in the body.


NG Rx to improve cognitive function, increase neurotransmitter production, balance and correct the brain chemistry

NG-Rx 1oz (30ml)

Neuro-nutrient complex designed to improve cognitive function, increase neurotransmitter production, balance and correct the brain chemistry, increase cerebral circulation, and induce the formation and activation of neuro-pathways.



Autism Factor

AFX 2oz. (60ml)

Restructures and repairs all pathways, including the brain, nervous system, thyroid, growth hormone and immune function.


Dynamic Duo to Kill & Control Yeast! 

ProBiotics Rx (60 Capsules)

Seven years in the making! Professional-grade, live cultures of prebiotic and probiotic strains essential for healthy intestinal flora plus organic acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

BioGuard 1oz (30ml)

Immunity Enhancer



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