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Natural Detox
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Good health, continuing good health, is something you'll naturally have when you are eat mostly fresh whole foods, exercise on a daily basis, get a good night sleep every night and work and play in the world in a way which is fulfilling and satisfying for you.

Yet every journey has a starting point and an excellent place to start your own, very personal good health journey is by detoxing your body. Why?

Because there's a possibility your body has toxins and contaminants that are clogging it up. Your body has natural means of detoxing that normally work very well. However, sometimes your body's natural detox capacity gets overloaded and then you need to support your own detox process.

If you have suffered an illness, you may have had a range of helpful drugs which unfortunately also had some toxic side effects. So now you wish to detox to help get rid of the residues of these drugs from your system

Or you may be on the journey of giving up an addiction to smoking, recreational or prescription drugs or alcohol and a detox is a way of giving your body a chance to repair and recover from the toxic effects of your addiction.

Even if you have been eating well, exercising, sleeping sufficiently and enjoying life it's likely you have some toxicity in your body. Modern living is unfortunately replete with toxic substances: in the environment, in food, in cleaning products and in the soil.

A good, thorough detox is a tremendously useful spring-clean for your body, lightening the load on your own detoxifying organs and providing a wonderful basis for the healthy lifestyle I have outlined above.

You and I live in most exciting times in terms of health. There is an explosion of research into and understanding of the nutrients necessary for your health. There is also an explosion of understanding in how the elements of a healthy lifestyle work synergistically to bring you to peak health.

This big increase in research and understanding has been fuelled by the realisation that the major diseases that cause death; cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer are primarily lifestyle diseases. Study after study has shown that when people follow the 'prescription' for health, good food, exercise, good sleep and inner happiness their chance of suffering any of these diseases is markedly reduced.

So a detox is not just a body spring clean. It is a vital element in claiming your future, a future of good health and wellbeing, a future of energy and vitality which will keep you young and vital well into your old age.

How wonderful to know you're in charge of your own health, that you can use your doctor and other health professionals as people who guide you towards ever greater wellbeing, rather than people who 'pick up the pieces' when disease strikes.

To learn more about Natural Detox check out my highly acclaimed thedetoxanswer eBook by Soula Panagiotou

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