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Fermented Super Food Vitality Complex
Phone: VMIXX sales  254-690-4693
Live Smarter and Stronger-Living nutrition for a Living body. Brings about: Energy, Alertness, Wellness, Weight loss, death of Pathogens.

Living well begins in the mixx. 1, 4 oz. VMIXX delicious juice packet has more nutrients than 3 salads.

VMIXX is created using our 27 step process developed over the last 22 years which we have termed, "The VitaMethod".

All the other energy drinks and power bars are just snacks and soft drinks compared to the power of VMIXX

Nutrients are the foundation of your bodies life. VMIXX is the alternative to the alternatives.

Holistic/Natural/Immunological Whole Food based
B-Complex plus C. A D E K. Completely Nontoxic. A smooth & delicious juice

Rejuvenation/Wellness Therapy/Healing & Rrecovery/Prevention/Rehabilitation/

Gastro Intestinal tract Ecology-Therapy

The brilliant ruby red color inherent in VMIXX™ is carotene (ORAC: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Oxygen radicals, or free radicals, are cell byproducts that can cause substantial damage to your health.

Contains thousands of antioxidant compounds

VMIXX™ Wellness Therapy - Natural Organic Emulsion - Phloretin Glycosides, Antioxidants, and Polyphenols

Mass quantities of nutrients must be ingested in a state of intense potency and high bioavailability. This is almost unattainable through eating, in our current era. Powders and pills can’t compare as the food must be wet and alive or it will not rescue. Low Na (sodium) and high potassium that is in the proper ratio is necessary to create an alkali-healing environment. Contains the class of vitamins called anutrients (alpha nutrients - including phenols, indoles, aromatic isothiocyanates, terpenes, organo sulfur compounds.) Shown to have protective effects against cancer (alpha carotene: found in raw, live fruits and vegetables). May be used in the treatment of all degenerative disorders.

For more intensive therapy, double the dosage and purchase by the gallon at a deep discount.

Enriches the antioxidant value of the blood thereby boosting immunity.

A synergetic combination of proactive enzymes that enhance bioavailability of nutrients for digestion and ease of assimilation.
Includes an expansive variety of micronutrients enabling your physical vitality.
An unparalleled proprietary processing method that supplies an extraordinary environment for beneficial bacteria growth and critical intestinal flora.
Contains multiple classes of enzymes including Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Protease, and Lactase
VMIXX™ assists wellness-recovery by utilizing highly advanced, sophisticated botanical fermentation extracts: our proprietary VitaMethod; containing a high concentration of vegetable and fruit based proteins, oils, and pectins. VMIXX is a homogenous emulsion containing acidifiers, phyto-nutrients, flavones, flavonols, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, and electrolytes. The bioavailablility of these ingredients are at their peak because the fermentations are elevated to higher levels before the TheraPlex is extracted. This amplifies the potency and purity, which also reduces food consumption.
VMIXX™ is also an effective colon cleanser-rejuvenator.

No Chemicals or Preservatives
Completely Nontoxic
No Side-Effects
Trillions of live organisms
No Prescription Necessary

Store Frozen: Thaw to drink-refrigerate unused portion.

Drink 4-16 oz. daily for maintainence-32-96 oz. for therapy


Oranges, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Spinach, Apples, Pineapple, Mango, Tomatoes, Beets, Blueberries, Black Berries, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Chlorella, Turnip Greens, Kale, Green Cabbage, Grapefruit, Tomato, Bean Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, papaya, Peaches, Blueberry, Raspberry, Kamut Grass, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Indigo berry, Parsley, Radish, Summer squash, Shitake Mushroom, Ginger Root, Thyme, Cumin, Yucca, Dandelion Root, Sage, Aloe Vera, Reishi Mushroom, Echinacea, Thyme, Garlic, Astragalus, and Chicory. (Preserved by a natural pH. Balance)

Nutrient Profile

VMIXX™ also contains trace amounts of more than 50 other minerals

VMIXX is a delicious fermented drink. It is predigested and it goes straight into the system. There is nothing else like it and there is nothing that comes close to it.
It is truly the alternative to the alternatives.


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