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4Life Transfer Factor Store
Buy and sell the most innovative line of immune system support products  

Looking to Boost Your Immune System? 4Life Transfer Factor
Why did you find us? If you are looking for a way to effectively boost your immune system, get healthy by losing weight the safe way, prevent illness, help your body heal itself, or just want to make some money while helping others . . . then you've found the right place. 4Life Research is dedicated to developing products that help boost your immune system through revolutionary and proprietary science. If you want to learn how to boost your immune system through these revolutionary products, read on! If you simply want information about how to get involved by selling a product line that has more science behind it than just exotic berries, read on! Whatever your reason, you're in the right place, take a look around, try the products, or just drop us a line . . . welcome to 4Life Transfer Factor Store!
4Life Transfer Factor Immune System Support
The story of transfer factors and nanofractions
For more than a decade, 4Life® (the immune system company) has led the industry in immune system discovery and innovation. Where did it all begin? With the revolutionary molecules in your own body.

Transfer Factors®
In 1996, 4Life Chief Executive Officer David Lisonbee came across a patent for the extraction of transfer factors. Transfer factors are molecules found within the immune systems of all mammals and birds. Dubbed “the memory molecules,” transfer factors serve as important components of the immune system throughout your entire life.

In 1998, 4Life licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum. In the years that followed, 4Life launched new products, stabilized transfer factors in liquid form, patented the extraction of transfer factors from chicken egg yolks, and combined our two sources for a truly synergistic formula.

Scientists have known that smaller molecules than transfer factors existed within colostrum, but they never determined if they had any immune activity. In 2007, David Lisonbee and the 4Life Research and Development team isolated these nanofraction molecules, tested them, and determined their potential to support the immune system.

Nanofractions are low-weight molecules found in the immune systems of certain mammals and birds. They function as part of the “command and control” network of the immune system.

Transfer factors and nanofractions transfer immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom from one entity to another. The two most abundant and safest sources for transfer factors and nanofractions are cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. Because these molecules aren’t species-specific, we can benefit from the knowledge gained by these animals during their lifetimes by transferring that knowledge from their immune cells to ours.

A Real-Life Analogy
On their own, 4Life Transfer Factor® and NanoFactor™ each provide powerful support. But the real secret of their power comes into play when you combine them.

Let's use a real-life analogy: The central air conditioning system in your home recognizes when it becomes warm and rallies help to turn the air on before the temperature becomes too hot. The digital thermostat makes fine-tuned adjustments-how long to keep the air on, how cold the air should be, when to turn the air off-to make sure the temperature is just right.

Your immune system works the same way. When your body encounters a problem, 4Life Transfer Factor possesses intelligence. Just like the air conditioning system, it recognizes the problem and issues the call to action. NanoFactor has the intuition to make fine-tuned adjustments as a digital thermostat would, sending out immune cells where and when they’re needed, and calling them back when the threat is over.

Both intelligence and intuition are needed for optimal immune system response.

Heroic Immune System

Talk about strong… no matter what your immune system needs, Tri-Factor Formula delivers. That’s an immune system with some impressive muscles!

Studies have proven that when your body needs it, Tri-Factor Formula provides great boosting ability. It dramatically increases Natural Killer cell activity by 437 percent—those immune cells on the front lines—and helps you continue enjoying optimal health. Studies have also shown that Tri-Factor Formula, with the intuition of NanoFactor™, provides great balancing support. When your immune system responds to false signals and becomes overactive, Tri-Factor Formula can help the immune system calm down. And it does it significantly better than our competitors’ products.


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