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Special Diets in India
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Herbal Health foods useful for psoriasis, cancerous, diabetics, hypertensives, weight watchers and HIV positive patients
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herbal health food with high fiber, high protein, high nutrient content is very useful for HIV positive patients.

Anmol - RTN - Our herbal health food with high fiber, high protein, high nutrient content is very useful for HIV positive patients. This is totally natural, organic, food without any inorganic preservatives etc which is helpful for toxin removal also due to regular usage of various medicines. With its balanced nature this can improve cd4 count as it is a natural immunogesic food.

How to use: Take about 50 grams of RTN powder in a bowl and add about 500 ml of water and soak at late night for use as next day morning breakfast. In morning you can add some fresh vegetable of your choice and boil on low flame for a few minutes until it becomes semi solid. Then put off the flame and leave it to cool itself. Then have it as your breakfast. See that you have it before 8 am or 8-30am in the morning as it coincides with the human biological clock. Be sure to consume 500ml to 750ml of water WITHOUT FAIL. Without this water this will not be that much effective.

Caution: One may experience few more stools within next few days after using RTN - that too loosely. Use every alternative day only. Do not use daily. On the day of use drink as much water as possible to the extent of 5 liters (for adult). Anmol RTN should be used only in morning. Since the shelf life is only 3 months do not store for longer periods though it looks okay.


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