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The Sinus Report, Living Well with Chronic Sinusitis
There is no "cure" for sinusitis, but you CAN learn how to stop the suffering TODAY!  

There is no "CURE" for sinusitis.  But there is...

The Sinus Report

You Don't Have to Suffer from Chronic Sinusitis Any Longer!!!  Not another drug, supplement, unsafe practice, "secret," "cure," or empty promise--  Just guaranteed results!  Learn how you can beat chronic sinusitis for less than $8.00...

100% Money-Back Guarantee

For some it is but a mere nuisance...for others, a debilitating condition severely impacting their overall quaility of life. What am I talking about here? CHRONIC SINUSITIS! And if you or a loved one suffer from sinusitis and have felt the despair that often accompanies it, you MUST read on...

That's right! I am here to tell you that you no longer have to suffer from this seemingly pointless, annoying, and often debilitating condition! No, I'm not here with promises of a "cure" for this disease because, quite honestly (and despite what many others on the Internet are saying), there is NO CURE for sinusitis (go on, ask any doctor!) But I'm sure most of you out there already know this sad truth...


I AM here to tell you that you absolutely don't have to SUFFER needlessly from this disease one day longer! You CAN take steps to alleviate your suffering and lead a normal life starting TODAY! If you but simply arm yourself with the right arsenal...

How would you like to experience TODAY...
  • Fewer sinus headaches?
  • Fewer sinus infections?
  • Less stuffy, dry nose?
  • Less runny nose?
  • Colds less often?
  • Few allergy sypmptoms?
  • Take fewer medications and less often?
  • Less time off from work and play?
  • More energy?
  • And MORE???
Better yet...How many of you would, quite simply, just like to feel NORMAL again??? I'll bet many of you have even in fact forgotten what this feels like!!!  You have to have suffered with chronic sinusitis to even begin to understand... 


Dear Friend and Fellow Sinus Sufferer,

I was once just like you...afflicted with chronic sinusitis and the day-to-day suffering this entails. At around 5 years old I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (yes, at this very young age!) along with nasal polyposis (I suffered with nasal polyps--small, grapelike cysts that grow in the nasal cavity causing obstruction that often leads to infection). Shortly thereafter I had my first sinus surgery (the first of five to date!)

From the age of five up 'til about the age of twenty-eight (23 long years!) I suffered heinously at the hands of this disease and, for the life of me, if you would have asked me up to that point (it is now 5 years later) what a normal life felt like I honestly could not have told you!

I know how many of you feel right now and know that you desire a better quality of life. And I assure you, there is in fact a better quality of life out there and yours for the taking (but I get ahead of myself for now)...

It was after having suffered for so long and having accepted my fate and resigned myself to embrace a lesser quality of life that I experienced an epiphany of sorts. I can remember that moment as clear as crystal! I had felt so poorly for so long and was feeling so hopeless and helpless (not even the most brilliant of physicians coupled with the technology of modern medicine could offer me much by way of comfort)... I had reached a point of utter disgust with my health and said to myself, "Mike, enough is enough! There just has to be a better way!"  I just wanted to feel better again... 

And thus I set out to find out if in fact there was another way and, if there was another way, to find that way...

For the years following this epiphany, my one passion has been chronic sinusitis-- most specifically, researching ways to alleviate the suffering caused by sinusitis (note that I don't say "cure"). Initially, this was just for my own personal knowledge and health but, over the years, I have found that what I've learned has been able to help countless others like myself as I've had opportunity to share the information uncovered. I have since been sharing this exciting and life-altering information with anyone who will listen, especially my fellow sinus sufferers.

What exactly have you uncovered Mike? I about to share this with you my friends, but first, I want to give you just a little more background...

I have read just about every book, journal, and article on sinusitis that I could find. I have visited with countless ENTs and other physicians, having interviewed some of the best in the field regarding chronic sinusitis. I have also researched extensively into the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals relevant to chronic sinusitis. I have studied the "alternative," wholistic literature as well. Anything related to chronic sinusitis up to the present day you can rest assured that I have likely seen it and if was a treatment (whether allopathic or alternative) you can bet that I've likely tried it!

It has been a long and exhaustive search, a period of self experimentation, and a journey of discovery (one that continues to this day). Looking back over these past five years I can honestly say that I've come a long way towards achieving optimal health (in general and with respect to sinus health as well). By implementing what I've learned along the way, I am now much healthier, suffer with fewer and less severe symptoms of sinusitis, and am, ultimately, much happier... Dare I say? I finally feel normal!

And now YOU can too!!! You no longer have to "just get by" and "deal with" your sinusitis. I'm here to tell you that you CAN experience a better quality of life and you can start living this better quality of life TODAY! Here's how...

You can benefit directly and immediately from my many years of research. I have compiled everything that you need to know about sinusitis into one convenient resource and am prepared to offer this to you, today, my fellow sinus sufferer. You don't have to waste another day (weeks, months, or years even like I myself did and as have so many others before us)! You can start feeling better almost INSTANTLY...

In my e-Book, The Sinus Report,I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about chronic sinusitis, what it is, how to live with it, and how to even overcome it! And so much more! If you pick up your copy of The Sinus Report today, I promise that you will never again waste a moment of time nor a single red cent on ineffective (and, oftentimes, unsafe) "treatments", "remedies", or "cures" for sinusitis.

I have been in your shoes. I have suffered just as you have suffered. The only difference between you and me at this very moment is that I have for the past five years researched the matter to the utmost and compiled every piece of helpful information for the sinus suffer into one convenient, fact-filled, and authoritative resource and have utilized this information to make myself healthier and, ultimately, happier. Countless thousands of others have applied what you'll find inside this e-Book and now living healthier and happier lives! I now want to pass this on to you...

Below is but a taste of what you will learn in The Sinus Report...

  • Sinusitis...What is it and what causes it? (One answer to this question may SHOCK you!)
  • Sinus anatomy...What are those holes in our head for???
  • The TRUTH about sinus pain...
  • SEX...Mother Nature's BEST decongestant?
  • Why conventional medical wisdom ain't always so wise!
  • Conventional treatments for sinusitis...treat those pesky symptoms!
  • New and novel medical therapies for chronic sinusitis
  • Is surgery really ALWAYS "necessary"?
  • Can modern medicine save the day?
  • Alternative treatment modalities and do they work?
  • If there is one "miracle" treatment for sinusitis, then it has to be THIS...
  • Want to feel better? Drink more of THIS...
  • This enzyme from a common fruit can do WHAT???
  • Effective products for your sinus health
  • Feeling great and virtually symptom free...The Integrative Approach to managing chronic sinusitis
  • 3 books that you simply MUST read
  • Sinus scams, frauds, and ripoffs! (Don't waste another dime until you read this.)
And so MUCH, MUCH more!!! To include...Links to virtually every valuable web resource on sinusitis; product recommendations and links; a quaterly newletter on advances in sinus medicine delivered directly to your inbox; and, finally, each time The Sinus Report is updated (it will be on an ongoing basis to keep you up-to-date on sinusitis and sinus treatments) you will receive the updated report absolutely free just for having purchased this edition.

Chapters include:
  1. Chapter 1 - Sinusitis: The Fast Facts
  2. Chapter 2 - Conventional Wisdom...Just How Wise Is It?
  3. Chapter 3 - What's the "Alternative"?
  4. Chapter 4 - Towards A More Integrative Approach
  5. Chapter 5 - Beware the Boogers! Sinus Scams and Ripoffs
  6. Chapter 6 - The Fat Lady Has Blown Her Nose (Or is She Just Singing?)
  7. Appendix - Important Resources for the Sinus Sufferer

There you have it! And I am prepared to offer you all of the above and this is more than just information....IF YOU ACT NOW on the information contained herein, you too could be healthier and happier TODAY!!!

If you are truly serious about your health (and I'm sure that you are or you wouldn't have read this far!) please don't hesitate any longer. Get your copy of The Sinus Report right now and read it today. You have absolutely NOTHING to LOSE and everything to gain by way of optimal sinus health!

So you've read all of the above and you now want to get your hands on a copy of The Sinus Report... As this is the initial launch of The Sinus Report, I am prepared to make you an offer that you can't refuse. If you order your copy of
The Sinus Report TODAY, I'll forward you a copy for $27.97 only $7.97!!!  A copy of The Sinus Report will be delivered in digital format to your inbox immediately following purchase.

Yep, that's right! For only $7.97 you can get your hands on this valuable resource today and start feeling better tonight!

Yes, for the less than the price of a fastfood lunch you can have at your fingertips this wealth of powerful information that could potentially help you to change your life... Please don't pass it by my friends.  A better quality of life is waiting on you...

Only $7.97


Get Your Copy Now For Only


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* This introductory price only valid for the first 100 customers.

P.S. Seriously, for just $7.97, I'll show you all you need to know about achieving optimum sinus health. You can start feeling better today! How can you pass on that?  Face it, you've already tried everything else and yet here you are again, searching the web hoping to find something to help you feel better...  Give my report a try!  You won't be sorry and you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE my friend! 

P.P.S. And if all of the above doesn't alone inspire you purchase this life changing product, then how about this? If you purchase my e-Book, I know that you are going to find something inside that can radically alter your quality of life if you simply act upon the information contained therein. If, after purchasing my e-Book, you do find it helpful and recommend it to others (e.g., friends, family, co-workers, etc.), I'll refund your money!  I simply want to see this product widely circulated so that we can help as many fellow sinus sufferers as possible.*

And, finally...if you aren't yet convinced (and for the life of me I can't figure out why you wouldn't be!) I am going to provide you with a 30-Day, ironclad money-back guarantee! If you purchase my e-Book, The Sinus Report and find that the contents are anything less than promised, I'll refund your full purchase price! You truly have NOTHING to lose my friends. Get your copy RIGHT NOW! Your copy will arrive in your inbox immediately.

New BONUS!!!  A website to accomany The Sinus Report is set to go online soon.  The first 100 to purchase this report will be provided FREE access to this subscriiption-based information clearinghouse and forum!

Thanks for your time!  To your health!

Your friend,


*Full details provided with your order.

The Sinus Report is endorsed by many who have utilized the information contained therein to obtain better sinus health and medical professionals alike.  Non-solicited endorsements will appear soon.

Questions? Comments? Support?

The Sinus Report, The TRUTH About Living with Chronic Sinusitis!


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