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Phoenix Center for Regenetics
Facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path through integrated DNA activation. Addressing allergies, autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, emotional imbalances and more.  


Welcome to the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, offering cutting-edge educational services and materials designed to activate unity consciousness and actualize human potential.

Our unique approach to DNA activation honors the full body-mind-spirit continuum while focusing on healing as an ultimately self-directed process of becoming "whole."

Here at the Phoenix Center, we invite you to consider that you create your reality. This means you also create yourself. Literally. DNA is the alphabet you use to compose your existence. Revolutionary new genetic research reveals DNA can be activated, noninvasively, to repattern your bioenergy fields, enhance creative energy, even activate unused portions of the brain.

Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and increased energy to better relationships and renewed life purpose. Since DNA regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, the possibilities are endless!

Expand your concept of the possible by joining the developers of Regenetics for an exploration of the art & science of "ener-genetically" rewriting yourself. This site provides detailed information on our three-part Regenetics Method, including

Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning

Potentiation, the first DNA Activation in the Regenetics Method, initiates an electromagnetic repatterning designed to "reset" the human bioenergy field at a higher harmonic resonance with life-giving "torsion" energy (universal creative consciousness). Potentiation also transforms the Fragmentary Body through a process known as "sealing."

Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement

The second DNA activation in the Regenetics Method, Articulation stimulates bioenergy and enhances creativity while facilitating the transformation of limiting thought-forms. Articulation further "potentiates" the Fragmentary Body.

Elucidation Triune Activation

Elucidation, the third and final DNA Activation in the Regenetics Method, activates a dormant portion of the neocortex or triune brain (also called the “angelic” brain), facilitating creation of a higher energy body. Elucidation works specifically through the emotional body to assist the individual to replace limiting and/or harmful beliefs with life-affirming ones.

* * *

Why the Regenetics Method Is Different

Those with highly evolved consciousness such as spiritual teachers have always insisted that the body-mind-spirit can be healed by words that may come in the form of songs, poems, prayers, affirmations or mantras. The sound of the words must be harmonically attuned to the organism and the intention behind them impeccable. This is why although DNA activation has become very trendy, results can vary enormously—ranging from life-changing to virtually none.

The more advanced the facilitator's consciousness, the less need there is for machines. Many shamanic healers believe that the digital recording is like a clone—lacking spirit—which calls into question the effectiveness of DNA activation CDs and similar mechanical devices. This touches on a discussion of the Path of Technology (giving away one's innate power to a technical intermediary) vs. the Path of Nature (conscious self-empowerment or mastery), but the bottom line is: there is no substitute for live human consciousness and voice.

In addition, we are aware of no other DNA activation modality specifically designed to seal and heal the Fragmentary Body. This is a key point because without bridging duality at the level of the human electromagnetic fields, it is impossible to build a stable evolutionary vehicle or higher energy body. We have performed Regenetics sessions for many individuals who have experienced prior DNA activation, and the nearly universal response has been that what we do is uniquely powerful and effective. Read our Testimonials from clients who have experienced our
distance-healing sessions based on scientically validated "morphogenetic" principles. Contact us for a free sample chapter, "Sealing the Fragmentary Body," from Book One on the Regenetics Method.

Finally, paired with a vowel-only phonetic code keyed specifically to human DNA, the Regenetics Method employs the recently rediscovered Solfeggio scale. The Solfeggio is a primoridal six-note scale many scholars believe to be the creational scale itself. This scale is so transformational it was literally hidden away from the masses by the Roman church for centuries. One of the Solfeggio notes, known as "Mi," is the exact frequency that has been used by vanguard molecular biologists to repair genetic defects.


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