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Fasting and Cleansing in USA
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Fasting for Weight Loss can Revolutionize your Existence!
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Fasting for weight loss reverses years of toxic damage and rouses dormant motivation to make permanent eating-habit changes.
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We live in a world that often tells us more is better. Fasting for weight loss, fitness and health may be good for the "holy" - some may say. But the common perception appears to be that hunger -- real or imagined -- must be appeased at all times and without question.

Live to eat even if it kills you later. Immediate gratification. I want it all, and I want it NOW. This illusion is leading millions to an early grave. Fasting for weight loss - or any change requiring sacrifice - is the last thing on most of their minds. At least until ilness strikes. Then, in panic, they run to the hospitals and demand a "cure." Food has in reality become a "drug" addiction just as destructive as cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine and heroin.

Like the last days of the Roman Empire, excess is taking its victims in a nationwide carnage of obesity and food debauchery. But there is a way out, and it is NOT just a DIET. It is the purpose of this website to present juice, fruit and water fasting as the best preventive "cures" you can practice.

Fasting for weight loss and fitness reverses years of toxic damage to the body. Fasting can also help rouse dormant motivation that can help you make permanent eating-habit changes.

Morever, fasting for weight loss and fitness opens doors to insight and spiritual understanding that does not surface while gorging on cheeseburgers and french fries.

The ugly fact is this: Food truly can kill.



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