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Hypnotherapy in Australia
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Hypnoalchemy-Clinical Hypnotherapy for positive change
Phone: business  9391 1611 Phone: mobile  0403286490
Michele Pavey-Laumen-Clinical Hypnotherapist Newport and Collins Street Melbourne Become a non smoker, stress management help with fears/phobias.
Address North Road 102   Newport 3015

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is a gentle and useful tool and has been proven successful when used in therapy in overcoming many habits, fears and phobias.


Once you have decided and agreed to relax into hypnosis your hypnotherapist can facilitate in helping you by addressing your belief systems
finding out what they are and where they may have originated, then deciding whether they serve you any more, or if you may have out grown them and want some new and better ones.

It's up to you

The whole process becomes possible by deciding and agreeing to relax into a slower state of consciousness where the critical faculty or conscious mind is bypassed,much like whilst daydreaming or when we watch T.V,or get lost in a great movie or book.

The Therapy part of Hypnotherapy

is the process of positive change that takes place in a safe environment with a facilitator you have chosen and feel comfortable with, with the aim to move forward in your journey towards positive change.The relationship is crucial to the work if change is to take place. A decision must be made to trust someone and you must feel that your facilitator is 100% on yo
ur side.

If you can see in your mind how much better your life looks without the fears or habits or limiting beliefs, if you can see in your mind the benefits of changing your mind; a kind of dress rehearsal in your mind, the more you see the benefits, the more your subconscious mind gets used to the new information helping you to become free of the stuff that was parrot fashion, auto pilot for so long.

When super relaxed, your mind is more open to suggestions that are good and healthy for you . Your conscious mind, the busy judgmental and logical mind, that little voice that maybe wont let you dare to wish for change or the life that you crave in case you get disappointed again, gets to take a hike, to make room to enable you to imagine, visualize and daydream.

So, if you want to find out how clever your creative mind is
at rehearsing the changes you want to make,
doesn't it make sense to give yourself permission to relax so you may find out?

  • You are not asleep
  • You are not under a spell
  • You are simply in a state of deep relaxation of which you can choose to come out of whenever you like.

Most Habits, Fears and phobias

were born in a moment of time when we really felt like they were a good idea!
Maybe that was true then. We have lived through many situations that may have left us feel frightened and vulnerable and, our very clever minds have at the time sorted, decided and leaped into whatever option felt to be the best one at the time for
our sane survival.The trouble is, these habits, fears and phobias seem to hinder our living now and just don't seem to suit our lifestyles and who we really are anymore.

Through relaxation of our bodies and minds we are able to drop down into a slower consciousness and access our more creative mind.
In these slower states of consciousness we are able to look at and feel the original triggers as they happened at the time and see them from a now more grown up perspective. Here we are easily able to de
cide if our original response still suits us or not.

If you have any concerns about what is goi
ng on for you in your living, and feel stuck in making change, hypnosis may be great way for you to find out first hand what is true versus what you have just gone along with and believed to be true up until now.


© Michele Pavey-Laumen


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