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Panmedic Sdn Bhd - We've got solution for your cellulite and slimming problems.
Texenergy Cell is a range of bodysuits to help reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite, slims the body, and reduces pain and oedema.

Texenergy Cell is a range of bodysuits to help reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite, slims the body, and reduces pain and oedema.

Texenergy Cell garments are made of strands of Copper, Zinc and Silicon interwoven with soft micro-fibre. The material is a unique 'active fabric' that uses the energy from these minerals for bio-stimulation of tissues when worn as a garment. Texenergy Cell works in synergy with the body to correct disorders. It enhances micro-circulation with the draining of liquids and has (an antibacterial action) antibacterial properties. It reduces localized fat in adipose tissues. The material renders the skin very soft and smooth and attenuates any imperfections. It ensures all the benefits of metal therapy when in contact with skin. The garment is comfortable and easy to wear, even throughout the day.

You can buy Texenergy Cell garments from:

Panmedic Sdn Bhd
66 Jalan Mega Mendung
Bandar Park
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 60-3-79810970
Fax: 60-3-79819359


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