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PJ Cousin
PJ Cousin M.B.Ac.C is a registered acupuncturist and herbalist with 25 years experience in natural medicine  

PJ Cousin M.B.Ac.C is a registered acupuncturist and herbalist with 25 years experience in natural medicine; he also learned massage, homeopathy, Eastern and Western Herbalism as well as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
PJ Cousin taught all these subjects for 12 years in this country and abroad. A prolific writer he has worked as a contributor on nine books, including 3 volumes of an encyclopedia; as a sole author, he has written three best selling books: "Facelift at your fingertips", "Natural recipes for a perfect skin" and "Food is Medicine".

Using only acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy I treat a wide spectrum of conditions, including endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, “unexplained” or “secondary” infertility,’ and male fertility issues. I can also help increase the chances of success at IVF/IUI as well as offering support to women during pregnancy and childbirth. I have 20 years experience in the treatment fertility, and all the conditions associated with pregnancy and afterbirth
My two children were born naturally with the help of acupuncture and homeopathy

Here are some of the conditions treated by PJ cousin
This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does give a rough idea of the wide range of conditions that respond to treatment.
For conditions not listed here, call 07720773890 to find out if it can be helped

Allergy related condition
Hayfever and Sinusitis

Musculo-skeletal Conditions
Back pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neck pain
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Knee pain
Repetitive strain injury
Sports Injuries
Rheumatism, aches and pains

Circulatory problems
High blood pressure

Digestive disorders
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea
• Bloating
• Nausea
• Heartburn
• Crohn’s disease
• Colitis

Facial paralysis

Mental/Emotional disorders
• Anxiety states
• Depression
• Mood change
• Insomnia

Respiratory disorders
• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Coughs and colds

• Unexplained infertility
• Polycystic Ovaries (PCOs)
• Endometriosis
• IVF assistance
• High FSH
• Male Infertility
IVF assistance treatment

Menstrual problems
• Irregular cycle
• Painful periods
• No periods
• Heavy periods
• Cysts
• Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
• Endometriosis
• Fibroids

Pre-menstrual symptoms
• Breast distention
• Headaches
• Bloating
• Tiredness
• Digestive upset

Migraines & headaches

Menopausal symptoms
• Hot flushes
• Night sweats
• Depression
• Mood change
• Irregular Menstruation

Pregnancy care
• Morning sickness
• Constipation
• Heartburn
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Back pain
• Pre-conception care
• Breech presentation
• Induction of labour
• Pain relief during labour

Preparation to and recovery from surgery

Skin conditions
• Eczema
• Psoriasis

Stress related illness

Urinary/Kidney disorders
• Cystitis
• Oedema/Water retention

• Preventative care
• General well-being


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