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Yeast Infection: My Story
Causes Of Yeast Infection: How I Got Rid Of It FOREVER. I would like to share my story as a recurring yeast infection sufferer so that others may benefit from it and stop this irritating situation on its tracks, naturally and for good.  

I would like to share my story as a recurring yeast infection sufferer so that others may benefit from it and stop this irritating situation on its tracks, naturally and for good. It seems to me, after reading up on this subject and asking several doctors, that there is no one general cause that can be said to bring on yeast infections, and the overall understanding is that it could be brought on by several different causes or situations. Some say it's because you eat too much sugar, and some say it's because you eat too much fat. Some tell you not to eat sweet stuff (including fruit!), and you're not supposed to eat mushrooms nor vinegar, and to eat yoghurt until it comes out of you ears! Well, I'm not going to go into those details as all that can be found on the internet very easily if one does a Google search. By posting my article I simply want to tell my own personal story of my experience as a recurring yeast infectionsufferer and how I managed to GET RID OF IT FOREVER, without having to follow any sort of strict diets. My experience spans several years, but for the sake of getting to the point I will make it as short as possible. My First Yeast Infection I really can't remember when was the first time I got a yeast infection (also known as vaginal thrush or candidiasis/candida), but it must have been sometime in my early 20's. From then on I would get the occasional bout and would just go to the gynecologist to get prescriptions for the usual creams or pills. As I wasn't getting yeast infections that often at that time I never really worried too much about it, so the times that I would get a bout I would just insert the prescribed creams daily into my vagina and wait it out. That was until about 3 years ago, when for some unknown reason I started getting yeast infectionVERY SINGLE month. This went on for about a year. I started taking notes during that whole year, and after a few months I realized that I was getting a yeast infection right after my period (my period would linger on for about 7-10 days at a time), and right about the time when I would start ovulating, which was about 10-12 days after the first day of each period. I really started worrying. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me because like I said, this was recurring every single month. But with each and every visit to the gynecologist he would always re-assure me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, and he would go on to prescribe the same usual creams under different brand names, which made the yeast infection go away temporarily, but then as soon as the next period would come and go, and ovulation started, BAM! I would get a yeast infection again. I was really getting tired and fed up of inserting chemicals into my body, which I'm sure in the long run would have caused negative side effects that would have left me wondering "what the heck happened"; and I was certainly tired of throwing my money away in doctor fees and medicines that would only serve as "band-aids" covering up the yeast infection for a while but not really destroying the root of the cause. And if that wasn't enough, on top of it all, the yeast infection would get into my urinary tract and consequently I would get urinary tract infections, so then the pain and suffering was doubled. I really felt desparate. I had stopped going to the doctor because I knew by heart what he was going to say and prescribe to me, and I didn't want any of that anymore. There Really IS a Way For Getting Rid Of Yeast Infections Naturally So I started reading up on natural ways of getting rid of my recurring yeast infection. To my surprise I found out that all the yeast infection medicines sold in drugstores are nothing but cover-ups for the symptoms. In other words, they are not really aimed at killing the yeast infection at its root but just to alleviate the symptoms for a while until you get a new, recurring bout. And the cycle can go on and on. I had suffered enough and I felt that yeast infections were ruling my sexual life, and my life in general. During my bouts I felt that it was simply impossible for me to have any sexual intercourse because of the pain and burning irritation. I wouldn't let my husband anywhere near my genitals, and during the short period of days when I didn't have neither my period nor a yeast infection I was too afraid of having any sex at all for fear of contracting an infection from my husband (although he would always wash really well before having intercourse, and he never really showed any symptoms of the infection himself). After trying several natural things that I'd heard or read about fortunately I found the one sure way of killing yeast infections forever and most importantly NATURALLY! No prescribed medicine, no over the counter vaginal douches, no synthetic chemicals injected into my body, and certainly no BORIC ACID! (do people actully put boric acid in their bodies????) Sure, applying yoghurt or sour cream to the affected area helped alleviate the burning irritation, but did not help me get rid of the yeast infection itself. As I know first-hand how painful and frustrating having a yeast infection can be I want to share with everybody what worked for ME. I was fortunate enough to run into this ebook called "Natural Cure For Yeast Infection" and as of today I can happily say that I haven't had a bout of yeast infection for the past year and a half. Of course when I bought the ebook I was in desperate pain and wanted some relief FAST. I didn't want to sit and read the whole 76-page ebook, and the author knows how desperate a yeast infection can make you feel, so she wrote a section titled "Natural Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection" and it's on page 11. I just went straight there to get some fast relief (later on I read the whole ebook). There are several methods and ingredients outlined in the ebook "Natural Cure For Yeast Infection" as the author explains that what works for one person may not work for another simply because we are all different and our bodies react to different substances in different ways. Therefore she has listed a few quick concoctions for getting rid of yeast infection that are easy to prepare within minutes, using things you may already have in your home, which are then to be applied topically or even inserted inside the vagina. Till today, one and a half years since my last bout, I'm still in the dark as to WHY I was getting recurring yeast infections, and honestly, I don't care anymore what the reason(s) was(were). All I care about is that I got rid of it FOREVER (and this time it only cost me less than $30 for the ebook). No more wasting my money on expensive doctor fees or prescription vaginal creams, and really, $30 is a steal when I think about all the suffering I had to go thru before finding this ebook, and all the money I'm saving by not going to the doctor so often nor buying vaginal creams and pills continuously. About 75% of all women will get a vaginal yeast infection at some point in their lives, so it’s my sincere hope that anybody who reads my post will listen to me and get the ebook, especially if you have recurring bouts or if you know somebody that suffers from recurring yeast infections. ......... ......... ......... .........


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