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Acne Natural Treatment
Phone:   484-226-6220
Ovante acne natural cream made with unique, US patented technology, it is 100% natural product, very effective can be used all skin types.
Address 0   BETHLEHEM 18018, PO box PO BOX 4183   Pennsylvania

While new researches and clinical trials to find cure effective acne treatment are on its way, there are many preventative treatments available to keep this skin disorder under control . It is no secret however, that some treatments help better then others, and in order to find what works, acne sufferers must experiment until they find what does the job.

Why some treatments work wonders and others don’t? This question is in mind of millions who suffer from acne/zits.

Most acne treatments based on chemical substances have low biological activity since they contain waxes, mineral oils, ionic chemical surfactants, preservatives, thickeners, polymeric gel-(or emulsion) formation and other polymeric materials. These materials actually block pores of the skin and block active centers of natural active ingredients, significantly lowering the effectiveness of natural active ingredients in their products and in many cases cause further skin irritation instead of healing.

There are also many treatments available based on natural ingredients. Such treatments are not as harsh on your skin as once based on chemical substances and they have high healing effectiveness. Group of talented scientists have developed new – patented method that enables to produce a topical acne treatment which will work much more effectively. Never before has such combination of natural oils and natural surfactants been formulated to treat acne. This unique combination contains optimal balance of essential oils, fatty acids, biologically active ingredients to provide moisturizing, protecting, softening, soothing and healing properties.

The mechanics of this revolutionary technology allows to create a water - soluble triple emulsion ( solid particles such as sulfur, zinc oxide and others with size of less then 0,1 micron, dispersed in oil). Such system provides very effective transdermal delivery of biologically active ingredients through the skin barrier producing high efficiency of healing since active centers of the skin are not blocked by mineral oils, waxes, paraffin, ionic surfactants and other polymeric materials.

This special physical configuration has the effect of making large molecules behave, in relation to the skin barrier, as though they are "smaller", and allowed to cross what would otherwise prevent penetration through the skin.

Visit to find more information on Ovante acne cream made with use of this unique technology or visit to learn more about this revolutionary technology.


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