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Colon Cleansing - Liver Detoxification Digestive Wellness Resource Center
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Resource center with articles and products for colon cleansing, liver cleansing, fatigue, constipation, indigestion, IBS, Diverticulitis, weight gain, parasites, multi-vitamins.
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Colon Cleansing - Liver Detoxification Digestive Wellness Resource Center

Welcome to Here you will find up-to-date articles, products and resources to help you regain your health. You'll find information on fatigue, constipation, indigestion, IBS, diverticulitis, weight gain, parasites, colon cleansing ( and liver cleansing (, multi-vitamins, plus much more. Visit our library for a full list of articles.

"Never underestimate the value of a clean colon." Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life By Dr. Norman Walker

Our motto: Educate yourself - then decide. At Puristat we recommend education, and provide as much of it as we can on our site. You’ll find articles about the benefits of a colon cleanse, the importance of liver detoxification, and the need for multi-vitamins, plus much more.

In addition to education, we provide product choices. We believe colon cleansing, liver cleansing, multi-vitamins and a variety of other supplements are necessary in today’s fast paced, over processed world. It’s now a well known fact that we can not get the daily nutrients we need from the food we eat anymore.

“You can't get away without a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. The ground is so depleted that not even the bugs can live in our refined wheat and white flour anymore!” Dr. Jesse Hanley, MD, and co-author of Tired of Being Tired, Women’s Passages, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Could Colon Cleansing, Liver Detoxification and Multi-Vitamins be the Best Health Insurance?
How much is your health worth? How much would you pay for health insurance if it could guarantee you a longer, healthier, happier life with fewer medical problems?

If you are one of those lucky people, blessed with good genes and great health, you may have never used a colon cleanse, or even taken a multi-vitamin. Without loss of wellness, you may not realize your health is your most precious, priceless possession.

Lose it, and very little else in life matters except having enough resources, support and luck to get it back. If on the other hand, you've suffered various physical ailments, you know firsthand how critical your health is to your well-being and happiness. You also know how your health affects everything and everyone in your life: your family, work, friends, hobbies and your future.

The mission of this web site is to help you insure your health. To help you reverse and prevent illness through education, internal cleansing and ongoing maintenance of your wellness. We're offering you insurance, but not the type where you pay premiums and pray you'll never have to actually use it!

Our insurance starts with your own body, and we're offering a way to help fix many of the maladies that plague you. The secret to stellar health is a strong digestive system, and the key to your digestion working efficiently starts with colon cleansing, liver cleansing and a well formulated daily multi-vitamin.

Can You Benefit From Colon Cleansing and a Focus on Digestive Health?
How do you know if you need help? Your gut will tell you. Your digestive system is home to seventy percent of your immune system, and there are a host of symptoms that will let you know, in no uncertain terms that something is wrong. Many people in need of a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, or daily multi-vitamin suffer with:

• Constipation • Fatigue • Weight Gain
• Parasite Infection • IBS • Diverticulosis
• Diverticulitis • Flatulence • Bloating
• Diarrhea • Eczema • Indigestion
• Candida • Acne • Lower Back Ache
• Bad Breath • Age Spots • Poor Digestion
• Dull Skin Tone • Infertility

Cutting-Edge Digestive Health Guidance
We will provide cutting-edge guidance, breaking news and remedies to address all the ailments listed above. Then we'll help you make lifestyle changes to keep you on the path to better health and happiness for the rest of your life with our free Digestive Wellness E-Newsletter

Dramatic transformations start with education. From there, the path often leads towards colon cleansing and internal detoxification, with a digestive wellness plan. Every organ, gland and cell are affected by the condition and maintenance of your colon and liver. Our bodies are not built to continually eliminate ever-increasing amounts of toxins. If they were, we’d all be disease free and energetic.

The blood that flows through every major organ comes from the colon. When the large intestine is sluggish, it cannot remove waste efficiently. This causes hard, impacted stools and allows toxins to be absorbed into your bloodstream, and through your liver. The liver performs over 500 cleansing functions and needs colon cleansing support in today's toxic world.

The good news is many of these serious problems can be reversed or prevented: When you complete a colon cleanse or liver cleanse, and then support your body with a solid multi-vitamin, transformations can take place. We have may success stories from people just like you.

Be sure to choose a Wellness Plan that fits your digestive health and finances best. If you like the results, research other possibilities, such as improving your diet daily with a fiber supplement, especially valuable when we can’t eat the way we know we should, which happens to all of us in our fast-forward 21st century lives.

Your health depends on your decision. If you choose to make digestive well-being a priority, research and learn as much as you can, and try some of the many options offered, there are no limits to how good you can feel.


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