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"Cancer's Natural Enemy"
A natural remedy you can make yourself proven to be six times stronger than the most powerful patented immune stimulators.

Cancer's Natural Enemy saints saints

Cancer's Natural Enemy

THE Anti-Cancer Book - Includes a Proven Natural Remedy for Cancer that Really Works!

Plus a wealth of other natural anti-cancer, anti-disease and anti-aging remedies, supplements, plants, vitamins and much more

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If you or someone you care about has cancer, hepatitis-C, psoriasis, or even HIV - or reason to be concerned about such diseases - you must take a look at an important new ebook that tells about a re-discovered 2000 year old natural remedy that really works. A patented version of the remedy has been used with tremendous success for over 40 years and has passed FDA phase I trials - but you can make an equally effective home version for only pennies.

In addition to details about the main remedy, this book includes a wealth of other information about the very best foods, supplements and lifestyle choices to help anyone ward off and beat cancer, boost their immune system, regain lost health and add years of healthy life. Praised and featured on prominent alternative websites, sold in eight different countries, and even used as a source book by naturopathic practitioners, this book can be yours for only

Here, briefly, is the story of the miraculous remedy that is the main subject of the book:

In the early 1960's a Turkish doctor named H. Zima Ozel discovered a group of rural Turkish villagers who were amazingly healthy and disease free, compared to other similar villagers. When he investigated further, he found that the healthy villagers were all taking a folk remedy that had been used in the mid-east for over 2000 years, based on a common plant referred to in the Bible as the "Desert Rose", or more commonly to most of us, the oleander plant - a highly toxic plant when ingested raw, but the source of a wonderful remedy when properly prepared.

Soon, Doctor Ozel made his own remedy based on the original folk one and for over 40 years now he has used an oleander extract he named Anvirzel™ to treat cancer, hepatitis-C, HIV-AIDS, psoriasis, and other degenerative diseases. Although Anvirzel™ passed FDA phase 1 trials and has been used successfully in hospitals and clinics outside the USA, it may be many years, if ever, before Anvirzel™ or any other oleander extract is an FDA approved drug. It takes years and costs 100's of millions of dollars to get a drug fully approved - and there is little interest among major pharmaceutical companies in spending that kind of money on something they cannot fully patent or control - a common plant and a centuries old folk remedy.

Meanwhile, cancer, HIV, hepatitis-C and other diseases wait on no one, and most of the approved treatments offer low success rates, tremendous expenses, and often horrible side-effects. With this valuable book now available as an inexpensive ebook, anyone can make the remedy at home for pennies, using a proven recipe based on the folk remedy and patent - a recipe that has already been used successfully by thousands worldwide. OR, if you prefer, you can legally obtain the original patented version as well as a new herbal supplement that also contains three potent anti-cancer botanical extracts from the Amazon rainforest that work extremely well with oleander extract and each have their own history of successful use in fighting cancer, HIV-AIDS and other diseases. All this and more in

Cancer's Natural Enemy

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All this and more are included in the ebook:

  • The recipe for easily making a homemade extract on your stovetop. Simple enough that anyone who can cook a pot of beans can do it, and every bit as potent as the commercial products – includes full instructions and tips on handling and preparation.

  • Information how to obtain the patented oleander extract Anvirzel™, used successfully in hospitals and clinics outside the United States for over a decade.

  • Information about the only other commercial source of oleander extract, a food supplement made in an FDA approved facility in Brazil that combines three other potent rain forest botanicals, each of which have their own record of successfully helping eliminate cancer, HIV-AIDS, and other diseases. So potent is this supplement that a major world government has embraced it and is distributing it nationwide to HIV and cancer sufferers.

  • Testimonials and case studies from around the world, including individuals who were diagnosed as stage IV and terminal.

  • USA FDA phase I clinical trial results and other results from leading US clinics.

  • Excerpts from the book "How to Live a Long and Healthy Life" that will help you build a strong immune system, ward off diseases. live healthier and live longer - including lists and descriptions of the very best foods, vitamins, supplements and health habits.

Plus, when you order the e-book, you will also receive a free comprehensive report on "How to Beat and Avoid the Avian and Other Influenza Strains".

“I have personally recommended (oleander extract) to over two dozen people whose doctors had given up on them – and they are alive and well today. If I had a loved one, family member or anyone else I cared for who had cancer, AIDS, hepatitis-c or some other degenerative disease, I would tell them about this book or buy it for them.”

- A. L. - Former AMA employee.

"After only a few months, we are witnessing reversal of HIV-AIDS symptoms and every single patient is doing well. So are all the cancer patients. And not one single serious side effect."

- M. S. - Noted AIDS researcher in South Africa

"I made this own supplement, and used it to rid this 84 year old mother of lung and liver cancer. This sister had Hepatitis-C and used it and now all of her readings are normal."

- E. H. - Prominent Trial Attorney in Texas

"I’ve read it and I really like it. Tony is a very good writer. He is clear, concise, and thorough. He chose the subject of one of the best cancer killers on our web site: Oleander. It’s cheap, powerful, works well with other immune system supporters, and has had a long (as he points out) history of healing cancers.

"He doesn’t stop there. He’s researched nutrition and cancer and has a lot to say on that. It is well worth the money, and unlike a web site, you can print it out and carry it with you everywhere you go."

- The International Wellness Directory

"The best source of information about actually making the oleander soup is a very inexpensive eBook ("Cancer's Natural Enemy") . . . a very strong stage III treatment"


For a more complete list of reviews, click HERE.

The simple and honest truth is that the remedy really works - and works incredibly well. Some studies have reported success rates for cancers of over 90%. When it is used as a preventative for those who have beaten cancer or another serious disease, or never had them, even more remarkable success has been reported - essentially 100%. Plus, thousands of people have now used this remedy over the past few years and there has not been one single report of a serious adverse reaction or side effect.

The remedy can be used alone, with other immune-boosting and disease fighting supplements (recommended) and even with prescription medications, chemo and radiation for those who decide to use them. And if you do decide to use chemo or radiation, it is important to know that when you add oleander extract it either eliminates or greatly lessens virtually all of the side effects associated with such treatments, including hair loss!

If all of those qualities were not enough, the remedy can be made into a skin cream and used to get rid of moles, warts, age spots and pre-cancerous lesions.

The price of this valuable ebook is only $12.95!

Since it is an ebook, there are no added charges for shipping and handling. For less than the price of an inexpensive meal, you can help yourself and your family and loved ones beat major disease and live longer, healthier lives. But do hurry, the price is subject to increase at any time.

One other very important thing about this ebook: while oleander extract is the primary subject, this ebook has much more anti-cancer and health information than just oleander. As great as the oleander remedy is, every anti-cancer or anti-disease program should include multiple elements. Included in the ebook is a wealth of information about the best other disease fighting and immune boosting supplements, the best foods, lifestyle and exercise advice, and the things to avoid.

There is also a chapter in the ebook titled "The Anti-Cancer and Disease Protocol", which details an extremely effective program for anyone who wants to have the maximum chances of beating cancer and disease: Cleaning and detoxification; good diet, nutrition and lifestyle; building a strong immune system; utilizing multiple anti-cancer and immune boosting supplements; and a positive, stress free mental approach all combined in an active fight to conquer cancer and disease and keep them at bay.

Be assured, this is NOT a gimmick or some phony internet scam, nor is it a highly promoted infomercial book that rants and raves a lot but offers little in the way of actual remedy or natural health information. Everything on this page is absolutely true. This book includes a wealth of valuable information by an author who cares and who has recommended the same remedy successfully to friends and family. The remedies in the book have been used successfully by thousands and tested in clinics and studies worldwide and several well known anti-cancer and health websites now recommend this valuable ebook.

If you still wonder about the remedy and other supplements in the book, just take a look at the websites of world famous companies who support Rose Laurel's efforts to help people beat disease: and Be sure to look at their own oleander products, their case histories and their studies and testimonials.

Both companies not only support Rose Laurel's efforts to save and prolong lives, they also offer a 10% discounts on their products to anyone who purchases Cancer's Natural Enemy!

You really cannot go wrong. Buy this wonderful ebook today using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal check or e-goldTM by clicking on the button for the payment method of your choice:

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A portion of the proceeds for this e-book will be donated to help the The House of Isaiah bring light and hope back to the lives of troubled young men. A second portion will be aside to help preserve the earth’s rainforests, something vital to us all (please see the Rainforest section near the end of the ebook).

Required disclaimer: The information on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this page is intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Anyone who has a medical condition should first see a qualified doctor, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine.

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