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Personal and Spiritual Development
Personal and Spiritual Development through dream interpretation and other methods of understanding subconscious messages, The Inner Chi Distant Reiki Attunements strengthen the energetic body and cleanse the chakras for better manifestation and increased

The Inner Chi . com Personal Development Website and The Inner Chi . com Blog is developed and maintained by an 'extroverted introvert' who goes by the name of Ayehasherayeh or 'Aye'. pr. (I) as in 'I Am'. In addition to being a Reiki Master in both Usui Shiki Ryoho and Kundalini Reiki, many of you may be even more interested to know that I have developed a special system for everyday people to begin cultivating their own inner chi.through The Inner Chi Reiki Attunements. The Inner Chi Reiki is for those who would like to receive attunements to Reiki or utilize ther own energy, as a way to instantly begin to acquire awareness of and cultivate the energy called chi or prana. You may find it interesting to know that receiving the activation of The Inner Chi Reiki Attunements and cultivation of the life force using methods and practices described on this site is a first step to realization of this vital chi/prana/life force. You will find by checking back daily and utilizing the services and materials offerred many methods of cultivation and expansion are to be given. Once The Inner Chi Reiki is activated within you, you may or may not have the resources available to cultivate and expand it, so be sure to bookmark this site and check it and the Blog daily for articles. Many of you might find it stimulating and encouraging that another way that I act as a facilitator for transformation is through hypnotherapy. Being a master hypnotist I use my strong desire to help others learn how to find the healing in themselves. I show them how to locate and tap into that source energy and cultivate their own Inner Chi. There are various ways to do that, and as you check back daily and make progress in cultivation of your own energy and development, you might find yourself at the point where you look back and are grateful. You may find that right now you found a place to develop your true potential and your True Self.

Working with so many souls whose main desire is to live life and follow their bliss, I have noticed that people who have been consciously yearning to live life to the fullest can have their lifeforce boosted often dramatically through energetic transmission. Energetic transmission means that another's chi can be boosted or one can even receive chi through transferral. The energy can be transmitted instantly through word, breath or even with thought being the vehicle. These special methods might be attained by all who are dilligent as the techniques are potent and work straight on the the brain center and subconscious mind. The resulting effect on the receiver is like to that of a budding flower or a butterfly emerging from a cocoon or even a large bird unfurling it's wings. So my role as a facilitator is to help others to achieve connection with their higher self and the source of all life. In addition to working with The Inner Chi Reiki and hypnotherapy, I do some additional forms of energy work which deals with clearing residues that may hold you back. Also the chakras get cleansed and become free of residues that may cause energetic blockages. I also work with the transferring of and transmuting of energies as opposed to simply moving them. This involves distant treatments quite often. Distant treatments are such a convenient way to receive such energy. Treatments can truly be had by those who really want them regardless of distance. For those who want however, I do distant healings since I am able to project healing through space. As I am a habitual conscious dreamer and practicioner of astral landscapes, I have provided Dream Analysis Online for years and will have some good material on the The Inner Chi . com Blog . I also act as a consultant for alternative health matters and give advice online so there will be strong guidance in proper diet to increase and cultivate The Inner Chi. My favorite role however for the moment is that of a devoted and practicing yogi. Yoga is union plain and simple. If you know true yoga you know what I mean. If not you soon will. My focus at the present moment is having the ability to do what I want at all times including spending my time directly helping people by creating new Blog posts, articles, by speaking to groups, doing seminars and workshops and directly facilitating personal development. I desire to help the faciliation of this remarkable gift of awareness, your own Inner Chi to use for the most benevolent outcome of my fellow souls and to also to serve the creation to the highest. The Inner Chi. com can be seen as another of many vehicles for Aye to spread awareness of consciously living life with awareness, and tapping into the source of all life and abundant energy, drawing it inwards, cultivating it utilizing it for personal development and projecting outward this vital energy into humanity.


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