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Cramp Relief in Seconds with the ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow
Phone:   406-848-7854
Fast Cramp Relief: Menstrual Cramps, Baby Colic, Intestinal, Extremity (foot, leg, hand, etc.), Back Spasm, Muscle Tension, etc., Externally Applied.
Address 750 Hwy 89 S., #7   Gardiner 59030, PO box 403 Gardiner, MT 59030   MT

     Who Else Wants to Get Rid of Cramps and Spasms in Seconds?

       Sometimes I wake up at night with a cramp in my foot or leg or even a Charley Horse.  But instead of letting it take control of me, I now take control of it, often even stopping the cramp before it can take hold.  You see 25 years ago I learned of an amazing herb that specifically targets muscle cramps and relieves them in seconds.  That's right, SECONDS; not overnight, not in a few hours, but Right Now!

      I went to a lecture by the famous herbalist Maria Treben where she talked about the 30 herbs in her book Health Through God’s Pharmacy including one that relieved cramps.  After the lecture I figured what have I got to lose but my cramps so I decided to try using the herb she recommended for cramps.  I made a pillow of it as she instructed.  That night I got a cramp to beat all cramps.  Normally a cramp like that would take half an hour to an hour to finally release and I would be sore for a day or two after.  And often it would return to start another round of torment.  Well this time I placed the herbal pillow over the cramp.  And guess what, it really worked!  Within seconds I could feel the cramp begin to relax and in a few minutes it was gone and so was the soreness and pain!  It has worked on every type of cramp I've gotten over the years, and with no side effects.


     Four years ago I decided to try and get this secret out to everyone who, like me, suffered from cramp attacks.  I now manufacture the herbal pillows that I call ZAP-A-KRAMP because that is exactly what it does.  They zap your cramps in seconds.  You may be a little skeptical about the pillow being able to relieve your cramps.  A lot of people were at first, but they made the leap of faith and I now have hundreds of “believers”.  I make it easy for you to find out.  I guarantee the pillows with a 90-day money back guarantee.  The pillow can last for up to 10 years of continuous use.  Once you try it, you may be like me; you will never want to be without it again.


     I have found that the pillow works for all cramps not caused by an injured or pinched nerve (such as from an auto accident).  It works on back spasms and all cramps of the extremities: foot, leg, calf, hand, arm, Charley Horse, etc.  It also works on cramps of the stomach and intestines (baby colic), and even menstrual cramps (read the testimonies below).  Maria Treben helped an elderly woman who had a bladder cramp that prevented urination.  This herb is amazing and it has no side effects.  No dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, constipation, and etc. that some pharmaceuticals can have.  No damage to your liver or kidneys (in fact the herb as a tea strengthens and tonifies them).  You use the pillow just as it is, it doesn't even have to touch the skin; just place it over your clothes.  You don’t have to heat it or cool it and definitely do not microwave it or get it wet.  Get more details on my website


     Read what these satisfied customers have to say.

     "I used the ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow for some shoulder pain and muscle cramping that I had and it helped.  And no side effects.  It's great".  Dr. Paul Gamman, D.C., Livingston, MT

    "Every month, like clockwork, there is one day that I am unable to function because of the severity of my menstrual cramps.  The ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow gave me some long-awaited relief, and I don't have to plan monthly sick days any longer".  K.P. Gardiner, MT

     "Before I found the ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow my menstrual cramps were so severe that I could hardly move and would end up in the emergency room only to be given a shot for pain, or Tylenol with codeine.  But now all I use is the ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow and a few Ibuprophen.  Now I am a functional person instead of being highly medicated. It also worked for my mom's arthritis pain".  Suzanne C. Gardiner, MT.  She told me this has been going on for years and that the doctors could not ease her cramps, all they could do was dope her up with drugs to block the pain.  Can you imagine living like that?  The ZAP-A-KRAMP pillow got rid of the cramps and most of the pain!  She said that for her this was a miracle.  Her's was an extreme case, yours may not be so extreme.  For most, the cramp and all of the pain simply vanish in seconds.

     It even works for pets, they love it and are naturally attracted to it.  If an animal has an injury, it will place the injured part next to the ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow of its own accord, it does not have to be coaxed.   It makes a great pet bed and dream pillow.  One customer said his cat appropriated his Full size pillow and sleeps on it every night, he said it was better than catnip.  Get one for both of you!

Get your "miracle" ZAP-A-KRAMP Herbal Pillow TODAY!  Click a hotlink or call me at 406-848-7854.  You can pay with PayPal or use the shopping cart or call to arrange other payment.
For more information or to purchase visit my website at

The Full size, royal blue (10" x14") pillow is $39.95. The Compact size, royal blue (3.5" x 14") pillow is $19.95. All pillows may be used as a Herbal Neck Pillow or Herbal Eye Pillow .


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