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We Cure Arthritis in 6 Weeks -Eliminate Pain Forever
Phone: Local Monterrey Number  81-8303-0788 Phone: USA Direct Line  360-547-1100
The Center for Advanced Medicine, Monterrey, Mexico

     Many Doctors say that ARTHRITIS is INCURABLE.

    This is not true.  ARTHRITIS CAN BE CURED!

     OUR Doctors & Dentists know something your Doctor doesn't!



  •  80% Success Rate with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  •  85% Success Rate with Osteoarthritis
  •  Over 20,000 Documented Cures (or remissions) and Counting
  •  Stop treating your symptoms with toxic medicines that don't work


Your freedom from pain is only one decision away. Arthritis causes irreversible damage to your joints and other organs. It is a systemic disease that runs throughout your body, not just a joint or two.  Early treatment stops the debilitating damage to your body before it's too late.

Popular arthritis drugs only relieve pain while the disease just eats away.

Why not give us a call today before it is too late?

Read our Testimonials:

Testimonial --  I had mild Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 10 years that I attributed to "getting old".  Then it flared up pretty bad in July, 2005.  I started my six week protocol then to get rid of the intense pain.  It went just as it was explained to me.  I had the Herxheimer reaction that intensified my symptoms at first.  Then in the middle of the first week, the pain began to subside until I was completely pain free by the 6th week.  The flexibility in my joints also returned.  I could once again put on a sock while balancing on the other leg.  I had not been able to do that for over ten years.  It is now nine months since my treatment with no pain, no stiffness, no swelling.  Its like a miracle.  Thank you!   G.B. -- Poulsbo, WA

Testimonial -- I had injury induced osteoarthritis in my right knee for the last ten years from my accident in 1995.  Ever since the accident my knee had always been in pain of varying degrees, at times nearly unbearable especially after the multiple surgeries that followed.  How thankful I am to have found this treatment.  In just three sessions in April, 2006 I am finally pain free after a 10 year ordeal.  I now walk normally without my cane and without a limp.  Y.M. -- Monterrey, MX

YOU can take charge of your health care. Knowledge is power!

We invite you to read through our website.  We think you'll be glad you did.

Our Doctors and Dentists use cutting-edge treatments to cure this terrible disease.

Learn facts about your arthritis that you may never have been aware of before.


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