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Learn How to Safely perform colon irrigation's from home & More
Phone: the complete colon care hand book  447-1838
colon care e-book teaches you how to correctly and safely establish a colon care routine from the privacy of your home
Address 166-05 Highland ave #1l 1l   Jamaica 11432   New York

My name is Denice Blair. I am the author of, "The Complete Colon Care Hand book". I was inspired to write this instructional handbook after many years of one-on-one consults with people wanting to learn about how-to perform colon irrigation's in the privacy of their homes. Whether for the privacy or, just the cost-effectiveness of it all. Many people sought out this information in my private office and at "Hope Health food store" in Queens N.Y. where I was trained. (Hope health food Store is no longer there.

I was trained as a colon care assistant, by Superior Colonic's in Brooklyn N.Y. in the early 2000's. I consulted and instructed people on how to prepare themselves, set-up colema units and perform colon irrigation's at home. I also instructed them on 'how to' tone up their bodies after dropping weight, with Slant board exercises, as well as other beneficial things like... (dry skin brushing the body) which I was taught. And (dry skin brushing the face) in which I taught myself.

Before becoming a colon care consultant, I was a fitness, nutrition and stress management consultant trained with the Professional Career Institute. It was my nutritional consults with people that were severely overweight, wanting to "lose weight fast" that led to my studies and certification as a colon care consultant. Portions controlling their foods and other suggestions I gave did not work as "fast for the severely overweight".

In my colon care consults at the health food store I assisted the colon hygienist an R.N.who performed the colon irrigation's I instructed the client on preparation. In my office I performed consults sometimes for one person or a couple whose interest was in learning to perform the procedure at home.

My biggest hurdle was re-educating people, from fear and images of things they had heard about concerning colon irrigation. Things of dis-taste in their heads of a messy unpleasant procedure. I had to ensure these people (with the proper set-up and clean-up methods) the process can be of minimal mess and no longer than an hour at most.

People confided in me that they had heard about large painful insertion (speculums), or so much pain and discomfort. Again I had to re-assure them, (just as I have in my instructional handbook) that this is different here. Your working with an enema tips the size of a #2 pencil ,here. Everything coming out of your colon is going directly into your commode. And preparing yourself with the gentle massage (mentioned in the book) the warm castor pack (also mentioned in the book) any hardened waste and debris that might be lodged in your colon, will be easier to eliminate.

The colon hygienist does this (gentle massage) for most people coming for a colon irrigation. But you can learn to do this for yourself, (especially if your budget conscious) .

Having colon irrigation's properly done, calls for 7 days /2 x's a day. One 45 minute colon irrigation at a colon hygienist may cost you anywhere from -$50- $140 dollars. Calculate this by 7 X 2 meaning a $50 -45 minute colon irrigation ($50 x 2 @ day= $100 x 7 = $700)done properly will cost you - $700. And a $140 dollar 45- minute 7 day 2 x's a day series of colon irrigation's will cost you $1,960 ($140 x 2 =$280 @ day x 7= $1,960)
The purchase of most colema board's is less than $400.00 and can last (because of the hard durable plastic) up to 10-15 years.

The Complete Colon Care Hand Book will take you through all of the steps of correctly preparing yourself for colon irrigation's. From performing "the gentle abdomen massage" for yourself that usually a hygienist gives you just before she's ready to give you , your colon irrigation. The proper way of setting up a colema board for a 45 minute colon irrigation to clean-up.

As you see here by learning how-to correctly and safely perform colon irrigation you will be saving yourself ton's of money. And will be in the position if your loved ones who need to "drop weight" as well.

*Benefits of performing colon irrigation's seasonally as I suggest in the handbook is, to eliminating waste from the colon before you can retain weight, (like a weight maintenance program).
*Eliminating toxins and impurities from the colon that could possibly "slow you down".
*Strengthening and improving your digestive system (I only touch a bit on this subject in the handbook but it is important, very important)
Using supportive eliminative aides that cold possibly prevent debris build up in the 80% of places where colon cancers are found.

If your overweight having a "hard time" losing weight , there is a very chance that your colon is blocked. If your suffering with skin problems, feelings of fatigue, body odors, expelling foul gas, and other dis-eases. There is a real possibility that you may have many impacted meals in your colon.

If you invest in yourself, your health and wellness (while watching your wallet) you will be healthieril"buy the book" follow the instructions on purchasing your equipment and performing your colon irrigation along with all of the other tips I provide for you for the enhancement of your overall health. I am assured you going to see the results , your looking for.
I, myself went from a size 14-to a size 10. I have seen many people do the same. This is a process that keeps you losing unwanted weight and waste without taking you to the bank in the process.
Good Luck on your journey into; reversing the aging process, improving your energy, losing weight and detoxifying yourself process with the correct practice of performing colon irrigation. You will find as you help yourself you will be able to help your loved ones as well.
Thanks again for visiting my website...,
P.S. My book can be found on

I have several other titles there too..., to you health

Denice Blair (F.N.S.C)(Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management consultant) (C.C.C)(Colon Care Consultant)


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