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world's best health product good for anything involving cells.   MANIFESTINGMAMA.JOAN@GMAIL.COM

This is my ASEA story.
As DAMS Coordinator for New Mexico, (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions), A healthcare consumer advocate, therapist and healer, I began my healing journey with severe illness. Beginning in the mid-90s, I received medical and dental care from the best, met the best, most renowned in the field, and attracted only state of the art detox and wellness remedies. One of those doctors, and many I do not know, are now using ASEA to detox heavy metals in a week or less!!!!
My ASEA Experience:
Some of you know that I am a manifestor. Some know that I can now pretty easily manifest most anything I think of or say that I want. This is why I teach manifesting to others.
But, I believed that somehow, time and age were taking a toll. Even though I feel an affinity with the legendary Diamond Lil, creator of the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida, the societal belief within the field of human potential has not been the acceptance of eternal youth. And, I was feeling a sense of loss for my youth and its possibilities.
The night before I tried ASEA for the first time, I was complaining that all I wanted was to feel like doing something. It wasn’t that I had a lot to do, or nothing to do. I just wanted to feel inspired to get moving. Anywhere. I didn’t feel particularly depressed or ill, but, just blah, as if 60 must be some universal cut-off age for...feeling alive. I had remarked to my energetic, 69-year-old friend that I could not even imagine desiring to be the industrious powerhouse I had always experienced him as being. I told him that I didn’t know what I was going to do back in Albuquerque, but that I knew I would begin a lot of networking, (to get what I THOUGHT would be my business growing.) Little did I know what type of networking that would be, neural or otherwise.
From my first ounce of ASEA, I felt DYNAMIC energy that made me practically run, rather than walk! My energy felt like when I was half my current age of 60. I felt bubbly, happy and could not stop smiling. I could see humor, purpose, and value in most anything. The substance of my pantheistic belief in spirit was showing itself to me. I was inspired, beyond anything I remembered from my youth, or hoped for at 60. I felt much more aware, quick and smart than was previously usual. I literally felt my brain making connections that my mind would have missed before. My legs actually tingled while I was grocery shopping. Decisions and expression became easy. I felt empowered on an inner level that I can’t explain, other than to say it is my birthright to feel good. That right felt inherent in my now healthy cells. I felt ALIVE!
That night I slept like a baby for almost 10 hours, waking up pain-free for the first time in years. A chronic mild headache that I’d had for three weeks was gone. My toes were not cramping, as they previously had. My two bionic ankles no longer ached, my stomach felt calm, my inflamed back felt good, light. I had had no disturbing night sweats, and I woke refreshed from my first good nights’ sleep in three weeks.
This dynamic energy stayed with me for four full days, without any ASEA after that first day. If I felt a tiny bit tired, all I had to do was move a little and I felt a rush of lasting physical energy! Simply moving was recharging...something. When my first shipment of ASEA arrived, I was on edge, facing what could have been a tremendously stressful day without ASEA. Just the task and emotional stress of what I had to do that day would be enough to put most anyone over the edge. Yet, I was able to handle my day, and my role in it, with grace and ease. I felt as if something had been awakened deep within me. It was as if I HAD NEVER KNOWN MYSELF, MY POWER OR MY POTENTIAL without this cellular health!
I definitely got much more than I asked for, even at this very early stage of my experience with ASEA.
Blood pressure went from high to normal
Blinding headaches eradicated
Rash caused by childhood illness eradicated
Chronic pain where bones had been broken years before eradicated
Chronic travelling pain eradicated
Reactions to chemicals eradicated
Chronic ear canal infection eradicated
Sleep issues eradicated
I was able to go off my thyroid medication when my doctor gave my thyroid an A+
Fluish feeling gone instantly when I drank ASEA
Bleeding at the site of a cut stopped instantly when I applied ASEA
Gums stopped bleeding
Back pain gone
Floating spots before my right eye nearly gone
Medications and supplements not needed or greatly decreased
Tremendously increased, calm and clear ENERGY
Improved digestion
Much less burping and no more waking at night trying to catch my breath
I have had none of the doubt, or lack of confidence that I previously experienced almost daily. My awareness seems to rapidly change with time. I feel present in each moment without trying to do anything. The pace of life is not too much for me and I definitely handle, if not crave it, now. Recent heart function tests show mine operates at 113%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel that ASEA is a gift that is meant for us all. That is why I send you the information so that you can try it for yourself. When I drink ASEA, I drink to a sea of health and love that we are becoming during this age of miraculous health breakthroughs.
Yours in health, Joan Didak, CHT
To Please call for discounts, promos and refunds. ASEA runs specials all the time and we have a free case promo.


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