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Exeter, Devon (4.11.2014) –

A farmer’s daughter from Devon is part of a UK team unveiling a startling health discovery. A unique, organic food supplement - proven with clinical trials completed in Europe, the UK and the USA - has breakthrough affects on depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, strength training, stress reduction and libido. New innovations make a unique formula available to the public in the UK for the first time.

A farmer’s daughter from Devon is part of a UK team unveiling a startling health discovery.

Angela Wright, who founded Crealy Great Adventure Parks and received an MBE from the Queen, has been on a mission to make life better for families for over thirty years. Since emigrating to Australia in 2010, Angela has researched health in both hemispheres.

Travelling around the world seven times, researching the most effective and proven health benefits has finally paid off with a ground breaking discovery in the forests of Norway.

A unique, all-natural, vegetarian and organic health supplement - proven with clinical trials completed in Europe, the UK and the USA - has breakthrough affects on depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, strength training, stress reduction and libido.

A key ingredient is one of the best documented but least known food supplements, first researched in the 1920s by a Canadian doctor, developed in the 1990s by the Norwegian government and proven during the last twenty years. New innovations now make this available to the public in the UK for the first time in a unique all-natural formula.

Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression which, according to the World Health Organisation, is the leading cause of disability worldwide and a major contributor to the global burden of disease.

About a quarter of the UK population experience a mental health problem every year, with depression affecting 1 in 5 older people. Self-harm statistics for the UK, including suicide, show one of the highest rates in Europe: 400 per 100,000 population.

Depression, Alzeimers, Parkinsons and other mental illness are often accompanied by suppressed immune systems resulting in poor health and extreme tiredness. According to BUPA, around 250,000 people in the UK have chronic fatigue syndrome.

“We are so excited by the potential to massively increase the health of families – without dangerous drugs or unaffordable expense” reports Angela Wright MBE, who created the Crealy Great Adventure Parks in Devon and Cornwall and is now co-founder of Get Your Boom! Back.

“Get your Boom! Back was founded with a rebellious spirit and a life-changing objective:

To offer revolutionary, real food formulas combined with cutting edge technology to bring health and zest which is clinically proven and guaranteed.

We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and testing, uncovering secrets that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want people to know.

As a farmer’s daughter, I’ve been obsessed with combining real food goodness with cutting edge technology, without polluting our planet or ourselves. We’ve combined this discovery of what I term “pure life-force” into a unique formula called Amino Boosters - free from artificial additives, GMO or other unnatural harmful ingredients.

The pure life-force is from – of all things – fertilized, incubated, organic hens’ eggs from the pristine forests of Norway. These snowy white eggs are incubated for 9 days then only the albumen (egg white) harvested in such a way as to capture the potent “life-force”,

providing all the important amino acids necessary to restore a normal hormonal balance in conjunction with the vitamins and minerals that are important for the wellbeing of our nervous system. Capturing this pure, organic life-force at this moment was originally pioneered back in the 1920s, developed by the Norwegian government in the 1990s, proven and perfected by our award-winning exclusive partners.

The unique formula we have created is called Amino Boosters and is ground breaking. I’m so excited to be launching it here in Devon, where I grew up on the farm.”

All the amino acids needed for human life are contained within the Amino Boosters formula: these vital building blocks for the body normalise the secretion of stress hormones, boosting serotonin and dopamine.

People who use this food supplement report increased energy and libido, deeper sleep and the documented beneficial effects on stress management and depression. The Amino Boosters® formula contains no artificial additives and is safe to use by men, women and children who face physical and psychological challenges.

Clinical trials and hundreds of testimonials prove evidence of relief from depression, dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, tiredness, lack of libido and an impaired immune system.

Doctors recommending the secret ingredient include Dr. Roald Strand, a Norwegian doctor who is a member of The Norwegian Medical Association (DNLF) and AAEM – the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Dr Strand says, Medicine.

“ In October 2013 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I was encouraged to try the food supplement YTE® I was intrigued.

“YTE restored my energy and balance! Traditional medicine helped to a certain point - YTE brought me to a higher quality of living.

“After a week using YTE® I felt a significant increase in energy. I felt stronger. Normal everyday tasks like carrying groceries, walking up stairs or simply going for a walk that just a few weeks ago felt like a struggle, were now much easier.

“The improvement has continued and I feel I have recovered at least 80 % of my functional level. I continue using YTE® and recommend it to my patients: I believe patients with neurological problems greatly benefit, also people suffering from lack of energy… people can experience many health benefits from taking YTE®.”

A human clinical study published in the scientific journal Clinical Nutrition reports that one of the key ingredients of Amino Boosters®, YTE®, is proven to significantly improve people’s ability to tolerate acute mental stress, normalizes hormonal responses and has a positive effect in anxiety.

Another human clinical study accepted for publication, demonstrates that the Amino Boosters® ingredient YTE® is an effective treatment in alleviating depression and acts as a powerful mood enhancer. Both studies are published in scientific articles in peer reviewed psychology journals.

The two clinical studies formed part of a large project of exploration: the first indications of a benefit in the treatment of depression and mood disorders were discovered in 1997, when a pilot study at the University of Denver revealed an improvement in depression as well as a reduction in the severity of adverse side- effects during medication for depression.

“Much of the food we eat has become “dead and sterilized” adds Angela.

“There is huge confusion about RDAs (“recommended daily allowances”) of vitamins and minerals; our water supplies are contaminated with farm animal antibiotics and industrial toxins; as a result, ever-increasingly compromised immune systems, IBS, stress, depression and other diseases make it hard for people to live life to the full.

“We are making Amino Boosters® available to help families take care of their health – without dangerous drugs or unaffordable expense” summarises Angela.

“Amino Boosters® revolutionary, real food formulas combined with cutting edge technology is clinically proven and guaranteed.”


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