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pt health
Phone: TOLL-FREE  866-749-7461
pt Health is a network of Canadian physiotherapy clinics dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care.
Address Frid Street 70Unit 3   Hamilton L8P 4M4   Ontario

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services that put patients first.

pt Health is a network of Canadian physiotherapy clinics dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care. Our patient-focused approach has led us to develop a uniquely integrated health and wellness model. Professionals from different clinical backgrounds - such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, and chiropractic - work together to make sure pt Health patients are given the best treatment options available. Complete patient care is the top priority at every pt Health physiotherapy clinic. If you want to get well and stay well, come to pt Health and let us put you first. We have locations across Canada - find a clinic closest to you!

Find Your Health Solution

At pt Health you will find the most innovative physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments available for the relief of pain and injury symptoms. We've made it our mission to give you the highest standard of quality care. We believe in treating the whole person so we offer a wide range of treatment options, services, and programs. Every patient is unique and our team will ensure that our healthcare solutions meet your individual needs. We are here to help you on your journey back to optimal health.



Physiotherapy is a regulated, evidence-based health care profession focused on assessing, restoring and maintaining a patient’s optimal physical function and health. pt Health physiotherapy services help patients reduce or manage pain, restore proper functioning and regain movement. Physiotherapy also helps patients achieve positive outcomes when dealing with the effects of chronic conditions and disabilities.

Occupational Therapy

pt Health Occupational Therapists work together with people of all ages and abilities who experience obstacles to participating in daily activities. Occupational therapy helps people participate in the occupations which give meaning and purpose to their lives.

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is a safe and natural health care therapy that can help alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday stresses, injuries and illness. Relaxing and therapeutic - learn what pt Health massage therapy can do for your health and wellness!

Naturopathic Medicine

ND Health Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive and natural way to improve your overall health. Our naturopathic doctors use an evidence-based approach that includes clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, environmental and physical medicine.


Chiropractic treatment focuses on restoring and maintaining health and wellness of the entire body by focusing on the spine and nervous system.



Acupuncture is a safe and effective form of holistic treatment, wherein thin needles are inserted at specific points of the body. Acupuncture addresses specific imbalances in the body and operates with the idea that every illness is caused by an energy imbalance in the human body.

Hand Therapy

Qualified Hand Therapists assess and treat upper limb injuries and conditions. They assist with injuries from early wound care, dressings, suture and staple removal and splinting, through to strengthening and activities of daily living, including returning to work.


Splinting is a medical process that secures an injured or fractured body part. Proper splinting allows the joint to rest or heal by stopping its movement, so that medical treatment can be administered.


Orthotics are medical devices custom designed to provide foot support and correct abnormalities. Orthotics help correct issues related specifically to a patient's body that arise over time due to poor foot biomechanics.


High quality bracing and support products can make a real difference in a patient's recovery. Getting properly fitted for bracing allows the body to function safely and comfortably as you recover from an injury.

Chronic Condition Management

Chronic condition management is an multi-disciplinary approach for improving the quality of life of those patients living with a chronic condition. Incorporating physical, emotional, and mental aspects of pain gives the patient a more holistic treatment option.

Falls Prevention

Geared towards people who have a high risk of falling, pt Health Falls Prevention programs provide a comprehensive prevention plan and therapy options to minimize, if not eliminate the risk of falls.

Compression Garments

pt Health offers a wide range of quality compression garments with stylish colors, styles and sizes, which are covered by most insurance plans. Compression garments are especially useful for people who have to stand for long periods or individuals with poor circulation.


Senior's Wellness Division

For over 20 years pt Health has delivered a range of eldercare health solutions to Long Term Care (LTC) and Retirement Homes. We are one of the largest and most experienced companies with over 200 LTC and retirement partners across Canada. We take great pride in giving residents a superior class of care and the tools with which to enjoy an independent lifestyle. We also help our partnering homes discover new sources of revenue, enhanced operational efficiencies and securing RAI MDS funding.

Return To Work

This collaborative program is designed to get workers back to work quickly and safely. Our goal is to help patients achieve the highest level of post-injury mobility as possible. The program aims to help injured workers safely perform meaningful and productive work during their recovery process, and prepares them for re-entry into the job market.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation is a therapeutic process aimed at helping patients recover from a nervous system injury. pt Health Neurological Rehabilitation helps reduce malfunctions that arise from a nervous disorder, and helps limit the loss of ability and lifestyle.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

pt Health Cardiac Rehab is a medically supervised program that is designed to smoothly transition patients into improving the health and well-being of the heart and body. The program helps patients recovering or diagnosed with heart conditions or illnesses.


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