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Meditation, Karma, and Nonviolence: The Authentic Teachings and Practices of Buddhist and Jain Culture
This collection eloquently makes rare knowledge (that was previously unavailable in sound, accurate English translations) not only accessible, but thoroughly enjoyable.  

· Chapter 1: Meditation - Concepts and Knowledge
· Chapter 2: Meditation - Technique and Instruction
· Chapter 3: Oneness
· Chapter 4: Karma
· Chapter 5: Karmic Conduct
· Chapter 6: Culture and Practices

The closely-related ancient traditions of Buddhism and Jainism are among humanity's oldest and richest sources of philosophical, spiritual, moral, and humanitarian knowledge. But long before the creation of formalized religions, informal manifestations existed in the form of culture. Evolved and refined over many centuries, these humanistic spiritual cultures have preserved the world's oldest and most extensive understandings of meditation, karmic wisdom, and nonviolence (ahimsa).

Through the fusion of extensive spiritual and multi-disciplinary scholarship, this in-depth collection presents the genuine lineage of rare knowledge at the heart of these cultures-in an artistic, well-organized volume.

The text contains ample artwork and poetry, presented in an enjoyable style, including I Am All Beings, The Knowledge of Oneness, a short poetic series featuring various styles of paintings, and intricate illustrations.

Most importantly, Meditation, Karma, and Nonviolence illuminates the vital essence of Jain and Buddhist culture. The volume proceeds in concise, bulleted paragraphs, each transmitting a kernal of ancient wisdom that has been cherished for countless centuries by those who have endeavored to look deep within themselves for guidance and awakening, to practice careful non-harming toward all forms of life, and to inspire humanity toward an enlightened worldwide human society of nonviolence and cooperation.

This collection eloquently makes rare knowledge (that was previously unavailable in sound, accurate English translations) not only accessible, but thoroughly enjoyable.


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