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Free Astrology Readings | Free online astrology - Astrobeacon
Free astrology readings,Free online astrology, Keep in touch with us to get free birth chart reports, lucky gemstones, amulets and talismans and effects of new planetary positions every month  

Astrology is the science in which we study the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies (planets), having affects on human life matters. Every Planet has its specific and well defined behavior of its character, temperament and nature. And Human adopts its qualities and behavior of his ruling planet. To know about a person we need to have knowledge of its ruling planets so that predictions can be made about his life. Every planet has its enemy and friends like a humans and their own place known as houses in astrology. As we know that planets are in movements and change their places, Planets are comfortable in their own house or in friends house and sometimes they have conjunction with other planets which may be his friend or enemy, in astrology you can say it has affects on human life malefic (enemy) or benefic (friends).

In other words astrology is the study of the effects of the energy of solar system on humans; everything in this cosmos is energy and it affects us every time. But we have our own choices and will. It depends on us that how to respond the energies by our choices, thoughts, words, actions and decisions. As we know that success is depend upon right decision taken at the right time. And the right time can be known through the planetary movements. As the moon affects the oceans tide then why not on us? As we are made up of water so the moon affects us too. For instance if a person is exposing to sunlight he would feel heat of the light and his emotions would be driven by it, in winter season he feel beneficial or feel easy while in summer he feel biliousness. Likewise ones ruling planet has various affects on his life depending upon the position and placement of planet in his birth chart. We study the affects of planets on us in astrology and it is a knowledge not a belief or religion. We can make better the affects of bad planetary positions through or to avoid the malefic affects of ones planets, he or she has to do some remedies like:

Wearing Gemstone and
Having Talisman or amulets.


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