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Energy Healing in USA
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protonic energy healing
transmute pathogens, viruses and protozoa  

I have developed a technique whereby I use the Creative Strength to disassemble (transmute) pathogens. In practice, I believe this technique will reduce a pathogen back to its building block states of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, etc. This aforesaid technique has proven to be quite successful in transmuting pathogens back to their building block states thus alleviating much suffering in people.
I want to emphasize how the light treatment works in transmuting pathogens. The light process instantly transmutes a pathogen back to its building block components of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, etc., thus destroying the agent of infection.
The Creative Strength is Light, a subtle form of energy. The source of this Light is the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe. This subtle energy is capable of traveling at an instantaneous velocity and does not attenuate over distance. Hence, the Creative Strength does not experience entropy as this energy is perpetual and permeates the entire universe. Furthermore, the Creative Strength is capable of penetrating the densest matter as it propagates by way of tunneling, in a cork-screw fashion. The Creative Strength plays a significant role in the physical phenomenon of both the macro and micro universe.
The Creative Strength is not of the electromagnetic spectrum. Rather, the Creative Strength is an energy wave that remains when two (2) opposite electromagnetic waves interfere, thereby canceling out their electric and magnetic field components. That is, the Creative Strength results when there is a convergence of two (2) identical electromagnetic waves or frequencies that come from two (2) opposite directions.
I work remotely on your photograph. You can have this pathogenic cleanse in the comfort of your home.
Most importantly, I strive to improve this world for the benefit of all.


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