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Your Ingrown Toenail Remedies
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There are some things people can do themselves to avoid or treat this painful circumstance. Begin by soaking the foot in very warm water for awhile and gently wash the tender area so you can get a good look at what needs to be done before removing any skin or nail.

Make sure everything is as sterile as possible; use some gauze with rubbing alcohol in it on the toe and the tools before and after the procedure. If the toe is just too tender, try using a topical anesthetic and or ice.

However painful it may be, it will only get worse if not treated. After you get the skin and nail softened up some, you may be able to trim the nail and skin to separate them a bit – if the ingrown toenail clippers alone are not enough to do what you need to do then you can buy an ingrown toenail kit that will have all the tools you will need.

If you still can't clip the nail away (because the area is just to sensitive) then try to get something between the nail and the toe. Place fresh bits of cotton or waxed dental floss under the nail to help it grow away from the skin and make sure to change this daily. It may take a week or two to see any progress of the nail growing away from the skin.

With these ingrown toenail remedies you can cure yourself or at least stop the condition from getting worse until you can get to a doctor. Go without shoes or where something loose for awhile if you can, the goal is to keep pressure off of the toenail.

Remember to keep your feet as clean and dry as possible. Continue to pay close attention to the progress or lack of any; if the pain is getting worse and the infection is not clearing up, call your doctor.

Choose the correct way to diagnose and treat an ingrown toenail with these professional tools and simple methods.


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