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We sell an E-Book that teaches an acupressure technique that balances your energy to help decrease pain and increase your overall energy and health.  

Energy imbalance is the result of too much nerve energy being sent to a part of the body in response to pain or dysfunction. The body gets caught in an endless loop of trying to make corrections. The result is an imbalance in which the deficient side develops painful trigger points. These trigger points are formed in the areas where acupuncture meridians are located. Therapies have been developed using these points to release blockages of energy and allow the proper amount of energy to flow. One does not need to use needles. These are the same acupressure points used by massage therapist to release tension, increase blood flow, and strengthen the body’s natural life force to assist in healing. This technique taught in this easy to use book helps to restore energy flow to all areas of the body and allow the body to safely and naturally begin the healing process.

When energy is flowing to one side of the body more than the other, it can be easily felt in the form of muscle tension. Nerve impulses are sent along the nerves to muscles and other locations in the body. In the muscles this naturally causes them to be more contracted. A muscle that is contracted is shorter than a muscle that is relaxed. Remember as children how we showed off our muscles by forcefully contracting them ourselves. As a result of the increased muscle contraction, one entire side of the body will often feel tighter and tenser than the other. How can we balance this energy and cause both sides of the body to be equally relaxed? The method is simple. Trigger points are located by their tenderness, and once located, gentle pressure is applied. The initial stimulation of the trigger point sends a signal to the central nervous system to send more energy to the deficient side. It is like saying, “Hey, look! There is a problem over here too.” The side that was getting the excessive energy suddenly has energy diverted from it, and the deficient side begins to receive an increase in energy. After a short time, a balance is achieved. This book will show you how to locate these acupressure points. It is written in common language without a lot of technical terms, so that you can learn to do the energy balancing. You will learn muscle-testing techniques that will enable you to verify the correct acupressure point locations and balance the body’s energy. There are pictures, illustrations, and a summary of the procedures in an appendix at the end of the manual to help you along. We are also available by e-mail and even will accept calls from those who purchase the book and feel they have questions that need to be addressed.

The author of the book spent nearly twenty years treating patients with all kinds of conditions. He used these same techniques on his patients and found them to give remarkable, long lasting results. This was especially true when working with those who suffered with migraine headaches. His wife and one of his daughters suffered with severe migraines, so he knows how devastating they can be. He researched these energy-balancing techniques in his own practice, and with other researchers at Palmer College of Chiropractic while he was on the faculty teaching Neurophysiology. In his clinical experience, he found energy balancing to be the best treatment for migraine headaches and in some cases the treatments were effective in eliminating the migraine headaches completely.

Other types of headaches were also effectively controlled. The imbalance of energy in the body can affect many systems of the body. The body is symmetrical. Most of the organs in the body are paired and need an equal amount of nerve energy to help maintain a friendly environment in which to function. It is no surprise then that balancing the energy helps one to not only eliminate migraine headaches and common headaches, but works effectively to bring better health to all areas of the body.

Back pain often results from muscles being too contracted on one side of the body. When the energy is balanced, the muscles relax and pressure is taken off of the nerves, thus allowing the normal flow of nerve impulses. Chiropractic is based on the theory that when a vertebra, a bone of the spinal column in the back, is out of alignment interference occurs and dysfunction results. If the muscles are relaxed and pulling equally on both sides, the vertebrae will tend to realign and stay in alignment. This is why energy balancing works so well to help so many conditions. Keeping the energy balanced in the body can help one to realize many benefits, and the number costly visits to the doctor can be decreased.

There are subtle changes going on in the body all of the time. Dr. Suh at the University of Colorado did research on the effect of a small amount of pressure on the nerve trunks exiting the spinal column. He found that pressure equal to the weight of a dime could decrease the amount of nerve energy flowing along the nerve trunk by as much as 60%. Imagine a vital organ such as the heart getting only 40% of its normal nerve energy. Many conditions of ill health are the result of long-term effects of deficient energy to the vital organs. There is clinical evidence that balancing the body’s energy can result in a healthier body.

When the muscles are pulling equally on each side of the body one is more relaxed. Relaxation is a very important principle in terms of our overall health. We cannot eliminate stress in our lives. Nor should we. It is not stress that is harmful, but how we handle the stress. Balancing the energy of the body helps us to be more comfortable and to be more relaxed. This is also why we have provided a small book that teaches three easy to learn methods of meditation. Meditation and energy balancing go hand-in-hand towards helping us to cope with the stressful conditions of our lives and to be healthier and happier.


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